Monday, 2 September 2013

Shaved Hairstyle's for Women : Yay or Nay


I recently have been considering shaving part of my head mainly because i have had nearly every colour hair, from red, pink, blue, purple, yellow, blonde, even rainbow, plus many more.

About 3 or 4 months ago i dyed it black and blonde, with bettie bangs, and i thought im bored of this but i dont actually want a different colour so i thought what havnt i done. hmmm i dunno shaved it!. so for the past two days iv been looking at pictures of women with this style of hair and plucked up enough courage to actually do it. and im glad i did, i love it.

 but on this post i wanted to discuss this hair trend on why it may work for some people and not for others, and i would love to know your opinion on what you think of the hairstyle :)

My Transformation :)



See i love the first picture and even though its edgy it still has a touch of class

This second one i think is going too far, if your gonna shave it off then do it all not just around the whole head, it looks cool from the side but in reality it reminds me too much like a pineapple


In a weird way she rocks it, but in my opinion shaved designs should only be for men, and even then they can look ridiculous! 

Sinead O'Connor

Well what can i say if anyone can pull off the shaved look its this chick! BEAUTIFUL!

Cher Lloyd

When she done this a year or so ago, this is one of the hairstyles that tempted me to do it then, she just absolutely killed it and i thought she looked amazing, just love everything about this look

Anya Ayoung-Chee, Project Runway

This is too another level, and not many could pull this off but she does, i think she looks amazing

Agyness Deyn

I really love and hate this hairstyle, i feel it make her look like a boy, but i also love it because its soo edgy, it suits her.

Shaved Heads for Movie Roles

Sigourney Weaver in Alien3

I think she looks amazing with a shaved head and think it really suits her and also makes her look younger

Demi Moore in GI Jane

I personally dont like this on her i think it makes her look manly, in the film it didnt look that bad but in real life it just didnt suit her

Anne Hathaway in Les Misérables

Well this dosnt really count as a shaved hairstyle but i think its just as brutal, if you have never seen the film, the way its cut is awful, and i nearly cried watching it, now it did look awful in the film but that was the point really but DAMN did she style it out after the film and my god did she look amazing!

Natalie Portman in V For Vendetta

This is by far my favourite, i just think she looks soooo beautiful and i actually think it makes her more beautiful then having long hair.

Well they were all my opinions but i would love to hear what you think, or even if you think my opinion is wrong, let us know in the comments below xxxxxxxx

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