Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Photoshoots: Busy Month + 7 Deadly Sin's

Update on Recent Photoshoot Plus some Exciting New's

For ages now ever since i have got into doing photoshoot's i have wanted to organize my own, i mean i have had a big say in most shoots anyway, but i wanted to host one all by my self, and again for a long time i have been inspired by the Seven deadly sin's, ever since i watched the episode of America's next top model were the theme was Seven deadly sin's, and then again with the movie Seven, which stars Bradd Pitt and Morgan Freeman, ( if you have never seen you need to Great film! ) So i thought what a great idea not only because i was inspired but because it gives me a chance to express my Makeup in a more exaggerated way (over the top Makeup ) Which if you know me you will know it is something i enjoy far more than your usual makeup.
So yes i am looking forward to it, first up is 'Lust' which i will be shooting next friday with a beautiful model named jade.

I am shooting with the Lovely SR Photography, and i know we will get some Brilliant shots with him behind the camera :) if you havnt seen his work already then please go to his facebook page and give a 'like'

So i will keep you informed once that shoot is over, even though this shoot is going to be spread throughout the month i will not post any pictures untill all 7 sin's are done, because im naughty like that, but i might give you sneak previews on my facebook page

Here is my inspiration!

Update on Recent Shoot with CJH Photography

I recently Shot with a model i have worked with before but with a photographer i hadn't, so i was looking forward to it as i love meeting new people and it was an outdoor shoot and i rarely get to do them, and it is nice to get out of the studio every so often :)

The shoot went well and really enjoyed it, plus me and the photographer are planning to get together alot more, so yay more outdoor shoots!

Busy Month!

Yesterday i decided to buy a Diary as i seemed to forget upcoming shoots and planning new ones when i already had one that day (not good) so i thought right i have to get a diary because i cant keep agreeing to do shoots when i dont actually know when im free, so i get a diary and today has been mayhem, requests have been flooding in.. i have no idea why but good thing i have a diary now :)
Here is my Dates so far.....

17th : Hindu Makeup
18th: Fitness shoot
21st: Seven Deadly Sin's: Lust
22nd: Ballerina shoot
24th: Makeup shoot with David P.D
25th Seven Deadly Sin's: Wrath

6th: Hindu Wedding

So im especially busy this month and that dosnt include shoots i have agreed to but not yet got a confirmation date yet, for example i am planning on doing a couple more shoots with my usual Photographer Paul Harrison, and some more with CJH Photography, PLUS the rest of the seven deadly sins that havnt yet confirmed a date.
I will keep my blog up to date on all recent going on's but saving the best till last ;)


Photographer: CJH Photography:

Model: Melissa

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