Monday, 5 May 2014

Fantasy shoot: Paul Harrison, Beth Chambers & Becky Couzens

Fairy Tales and Fables

 Me and My favorite Photographer organised this shoot a month or so back now, we knew we wanted to get together and do another themed shoot like before, but wasnt quite sure what the theme would be, and then i came up with the idea of having a fantasy / fairy tale themed shoot.

This unfortunately wasnt as long as the other themed shoots we normally do which can some times stretch towards 2 weeks, this was only 2 days but we managed to get some amazing stuff with the limited time and models.

Wood Nymph / Beth Chambers

The idea of this look was a tough warrior

Princess, not you typical fairy who just so happens to be in the woods, i wanted a real earthy type look, it would of been ideal if we had been able to shoot in the woods :)

The make-up i used was:
Lime Crime's Alchemy Palette & Serpentina Lipstick
Sugarpill's Junebug, Goldilux, Asteria & Bulletproof

 Unicorn Princess / Becky Couzens

 This Look was so fun to create I literally used every colour i had to create this look, it was so fun because it is so incredibly girly and just plain ridiculous. i wanted Becky to look like she had just dropped out of a 6 yr old girls imagination right into real life. as you can see on one side she has a rainbow while on the other side stars. i finished this look off with tones of glitter and sparkles.

The make-up i used was:
Every colour in both sugarpill's Sweetheart Palette and Burning Heart Palette along with Lumi.

Lime Crime's Zodiac Glitter in Gemini
& Uniliner in Lunar Sea

Mua's Purple Eyeshadow

Collection 2000 Glitter Liners

Gosh Blue Metallic Liner

Mermaid / Beth Chambers

 This was by far my favorite
i had so much fun editing these as you can probably see i made alot of different edits, some better than others, it was just so fun to play around with them all. I also love how clear the makeup is in all shots, which i look out for the most.

The makeup i used was:
Lime Crime's Aquataenia Palette
& Geradium Lipstick.

 Pheonix  / Becky Couzens

 This is probably the darkest out of the four looks little bit more on the sexy side, rather than cute and innocent, i also loved editing these as i could add so many different effects.

The Make-up i used was:
Sugarpill's Burning Heart Palette
& Bulletproof

Lime Crime's Velvetine Wicked

Extra's with Beth Chambers :

Born in the USA & Clockwork Orange



Paul J Harrison:


Beth Chambers:

Becky Couzens:

MUA & Edits:

Me / Rare Candy:

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