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3 in 1 Post: 3 Mini reviews on 3 Drugstore Makeup Items ( Some Good Some Bad )

Review & Swatches on ...

 Loreal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara,

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer &

Sleek's Eau La La Liner : Venom 

Iv been away for a while and havnt done much on my blog or on anything really, so i thought i'd treat you to not 1, not 2 BUT 3 reviews. These are just cheap-ish drugstore brands, some im pleasantly surprised with some not so much, i will also be adding these to my Bargain Beauty Buy's, which if you havnt already been to is a page were i review alot of cheap makeup and hair related buys, some to rave on about or some to keep clear of, anyway carrying on with the review :)

Loreal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara

 I will make a confession, that i dont really like Loreal Paris as a brand, no reason terrible enough for me never to buy again but just purely down to the fact every product i buy from them i never think its worth the money i pay. and also because the two drugstores that sell makeup in the UK are Boots or Superdrug and i always go in superdrug and boots are the only store to sell Loreal Paris. so im not their biggest buyer, iv also had bad experiences with their foundations.

But i saw this Mascara advertised and i have to admit the name caught my eye, i thought 'oh wow, manga', . i would like to think advertisement dosnt work on me, something as silly as a name of a product, but im the sucker who bought it haha

dont get me wrong i looked up a couple of reviews before i bought it and they all seemed good, so i thought i would spread my makeup wings and branch out a bit rather than my usual trustworthy brands.

Before & After

 As you can see i dont really have thick lashes but my lashes are really long, this can be a problem sometimes as when i apply mascara i find that they look like spiders legs, hence why i like wearing falsies as i like them thicker not longer.

Dont get me wrong this isnt a bad mascara, i will quite happily use it and i will use it on my clients also, Bur will i buy it again?.... No

Length and colour, Love!., but thats about it, i found this mascara to be quite clumpy and with one coat i didnt feel like it done enough and with two just made my lashes so clumped together and once they were stuck together the brush didnt seem to do a very good job of separating them, i suppose its a good thing that it drys quickly but its not when you are trying to pry your lashes away from one another.

I Have been using this mascara for about 2 weeks now and i have found that my lashes are falling out more than usual due to the thick formula this mascara has, it dries solid hard, so when removing my makeup it takes alot for me to get it all off without damaging my lashes, but considering it drys quickly and is hard to get off it is probably the messiest mascara iv used. meaning it smudges easily and is not waterproof.

                                         Marks out of 10 for
                  Loreal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara

Long Lasting Wear:  8 1/2                             Waterproof?: No

Colour: 10                                               Light or Heavy Wear?: Heavy

Application: 5                                          Would I Recommend?: no

Volumising: 5                                           Lengthening: 9
Price: 5                                                  Price:  £8.99

                                         Overall Score: 6 / 10

 In Conclusion it isnt a terrible mascara but for the price i know i can get a better mascara for cheaper, it has its problems but its manageable.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer

I bought this just because i had just ran out of my current one and i was in superdrug at the time and just picked up this and thought 'oh this will do', I wasnt to bothered if it wasnt very good as it was quite cheap, but i was pleasantly surprised.

I got the Lightest one out of the bunch, as i have fair skin, and the biggest thing that annoys me in the makeup world is anything above the lightest colour wether it be foundations, powders or concealers is that they tend to have an orange colour to them. and that just drives me mad, NO ONE IS ORANGE! (apart from people who intentionally make themselves orange)

I have to say i actually really like this concealer. Probly the best one iv used drugstore wise.
It says 16 hour wear, well i wouldnt go as far as to saying that but it definitely has staying power and it blends in perfectly with my foundation routine, even though its different most days, sometimes i just add primer and a touch of foundation or sometime i use foundation and powder, depending on the weather and how my skin is feeling that day, and it dosnt seem to interfere with either, i have used concealers in the past wear they will go clumpy or just weird depending on what other products i apply over the top.

          Marks out of 10 for Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer

Long Lasting Wear:  7                           Oily, Matte or Combination Feel?: Drys Matte

Colour: 10                                               Light or Heavy Wear?: Light

Application: 9                                        Would I Recommend?: Yes

Smell & Texture: 9                                 Coverage: 8

Price: 10                                                 Price: £4.19

                                         Overall Score: 8 1/2 / 10

Get yours here..

Sleek's Eau La La Liner : Venom

I Bought this as i actually purchased a lipgloss and wanted a matching lip liner, i looked around and this was the closest i could find, it seemed a pretty good match when looking over the internet.

Here is The Lipgloss (left) and the swatch Sleek provided on the internet (right)

Pretty good match huh? ,, well no..
The swatch on the internet was completely different to real life, heres my swatch..

As you can see in real life its more of a redish tone, still has a hint of plumish purple, but no were near as purple as the swatch, i found its also more brown than expected, disappointed to say the least.

But is a good liner regardless? well i havnt had much of a chance to use it as it broke the second time i used it, and it keeps breaking, the nib just keeps snapping off.

 i can still use it but to be honest i havnt got the patience with it now, major let down. but anyone out there who has used this brand of liner might absolutely love it , but i just so happend to get a broken one that wasnt the right colour, but from what i have used of it, it seems like an okay lip liner.

                  Marks out of 10 for Sleek's Eau La La Liner : Venom

Long Lasting Wear:  7                                          Price:  £4.99                        

Colour: 5 (would of been higher if right colour)      Price: 5       

Application: 1                                                      Would I Recommend?: yes if i had a better experience

Smell & Texture: 10                                            Coverage: 7

                                             Overall Score: 5 / 10

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