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Hair Colour's, Tips, Tricks and Reviews

Hair Colour's, Tips, Tricks and Reviews

                                      Hair Colour's

I love changing my hair colour, i cannot go a couple of months at least changing the colour, style or cut. but doing so can damage or ruin your hair. as you can see by the pictures there is not one colour i have not had my hair ( maybe orange but im working on that ). on this post i am going to tell you the best hair remedy's, quick fixes, reversing the effects of colour, condition, best hair dyes and what to steer clear of.

                                       Hair Dyes

                 La Riche Direction's & Crazy Color 

i know there is lots of hair dyes like these like Manic Panic and Special Effects but as i have ever used these two brands i can only recommend these. Directions seem to have a better and more colorful range but as in longevity and value for money i have to say crazy color is defiantly better. and i will show you why :)

Pictures of Pinkissimo Crazy Color outcome on Bleached Hair

its quite a vibrant pink and quite neon. but mixed with conditioner you get this outcome..

so what im trying to say is DONT buy light pastel colours because if you buy a darker version of what you want you get sooo much more product when mixed with conditioner to make it the shade you want. i have another example of blue

Directions Lagoon Blue over Bleached hair ( sorry for over exposed roots)

and here it is mixed with conditioner and added pink

soo in future if you want pastel hair or even just a lighter shade of a colour you already had... then rather spend loads of money on buying that lighter shade and dying your hair every week.. just experiment.. remember coloured dyes like this is like paint and your hair a canvas so dont be affraid to make colours lighter, mix two different colours or even create somthing amazing. for example here i have mixed Crazy Colours Pinkissimo Directions Spring Green and Lagoon Blue :)

                                                 x Rainbow x

                  Bleach & Peroxide Vs Boxed Hair Dyes

Once upon a time i used to dye my hair with boxed hair dyes as i couldn't really afford to go hairdressers every time i wanted a change and it was easy enough and cheap enough to buy them. but i had realised my hair not only felt crap and dry but some of my hair had burnt off NOT ON THE SCALP i mean i had noticed some of my hair was really short in some places not noticeable but in some cases it had made some of my hair around 1 inch long on top of my head, at that point i thought there must be a better way. im not saying boxed hair dyes are bad but if you dramatically change your hair as much as mine and use alot of bleach then maybe its not for you as it wasnt for me. now i have naturally very dark hair i mean brown going on black hair.. so if your thinking of bleaching your hair but scared of the repacutions then follow this guide as my hair is fine and i have never once burnt my hair off.

now i buy Cream peroxide and mix it with powdered bleach some people prefer a toner but thats also fine. i use cream peroxide vol 30 .. i would not recommend going any higher than that if you are using it on your scalp as vol 40 will burn your scalp, but vol 40 would be fine doing highlights or dip dye.

i use Freeze ice lights powdered Bleach as its blue it takes all of that yellowy tone out of your hair for perfect platinum blonde. Mixing is easy just take you peroxide and mix with the powdered bleach to the same consistency of what you would expect of a boxed hair dye not too gloopy and powdery or not too much creame peroxide so its basically as thick as water. you need a nice consistency  you will also need a PLASTIC bowl not ceramic as it will crack. you will also need a tinting brush and latex glove as you dont want bleach on your hands.

the reason i prefer this method as not only i get better results but it dosnt damage my hair as much and compared to the box brand the smell of ammonia is alot less, so you dont seem to gag or have the need to open a window with this method. 

if you have any questions about were i purchased any of the stuff or any queries or concerns than please feel free to ask in the comment section below xxxx

                                        Hair Care


My all time Favourite brand of conditioner is Aussie. my favorite being 3 minute miracle re-constructor  it really does make your hair feel soo good even after heavy bleaching. i dont think i will ever stop buying it i also buy other conditioners but this one is always on my bathroom side. another great conditioner is Lee Stafford's Hair Growth Treatment, which is nice as a treat as its a bit more expensive but works wonders to damaged hair.

                                        Heat Defence

I like to use this heat defense by schwarzkopf as it protects your hair up to 220C and as my hair straighteners go up to 230C its the best iv found to suit my needs so far and plus it smells really nice :) x


I use Tressemme as its really cheap for the amount you get i think i go through about 1 bottle every 2-3 months. its also a colour fade one as my hair colours washes out quite alot. the other being  LOreal Homme Purple shampoo its ment for grey hair but its used to take brassy and yellow tones out of hair which i use when dying my hair blonde. its great for platinum/ silver blonde hair.

                          Reversing the Effects of Hair dye

If you dyed your hair a dark colour and wanted go lighter without bleach then Colour B4 is a great way. i have used this one before and even though it does make your hair feel really not great afterwards and it pongs a bit it is a great way to compleatly wash your hair of all the previous colours and have a fresh start. another great way of washing out Temporary hair dyes like crazy colour is (yes i know it sounds weird) but lemon washing up liquid it really does strip all the colour. when i wanted a lighter coloured pink it was easy because i washed my hair nearly everyday so eventually my hair did go a lighter pink but my hair extensions were still a bright neon pink so i soaked them overnight with lemon washing up liquid and it really does work.

so thats it for my tips tricks and reviews on hair if you have any questions than please feel free to comment below :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I see in one of the photos you have black hair. Did you dye it black or is that your natural hair? I have dyed black hair and what to BADLY dye it back to a funky colour. I had it green then tried to dye it blue but it went wrong on me for some reason. So I a bit too quickly and under pressure dyed it black :-/ I'm trying my best to grow it out at the moment. I'm afraid to bleach cos I have a feeling it won't work or will come out very yellow/orange.

    1. i did dye it black but that is also my natural hair colour..the best thing to do is use my reverse colour technique.. were abouts are you located, im not sure if they sell COLOURB4 out of the uk.. but use that.. im not gonna lie you wont get the colour you idealy want but it will strip all the colour you have previously dyed it. then bleach it once.. see what the results are.. it is most likely it will go an orangey yellow type colour, but if you dont mind dyeing it a crazy colour then the best method i use from going dark to light is using crazy colours as some type of a mask to disguise your real colour.. follow these steps then choose a dark crazy colour like a dark blue or dark red (this will cover up and yellow/orange tones.. and gradually when your roots need bleaching every 3-4 weeks your hair will get lighter without bleching your hair 3 or 4 times at once and ruining your hair to get that desired colour.. if you use my bleaching guide and after care you should be fine :) ... i hope that helped.. if not than please feel free to question again and let me know how it turns out :) xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi hun am in the uk I have nano rings Hair extensions in and my hair is a dark brown wanting t lift th end of my hair extensions so I can have it dip dyed what do u recommend I also ordered pinkissmo and bubblegum blue crazy colours I have peacock blue in at min as highlights but thats because a had a few strands tht were blonde put in..any advice wud b greatly appreciated xx

    1. Hiya, my advice would be to bleach the ends were you want the dip dye to start and end with 20% peroxide and freeze ice lites bleach like how i said in this post,. and that should lift some of the dark brown out and then i predict that it should still be pretty dark but after bleach it with 30% just the ends (same method as the 20%) but a little lower not as much as the 20%, so then the ends will be even lighter, so then it will create a sorta ombre effect, then just go ahead with applying your crazy colour were you want. if you have any more questions let me know :), i hope iv explained it clearly ;)

  3. have you ever tried out Directions or crazy color straight on your natural/pre-coloured hair?
    I'm curious of the color turn out on unbleached hair.....

  4. I wish I had read this before I bought the bottles of light pink dye. I bought Pinkissimo and it gave me the light pink instead of the bright one. I can't get the bright pink on my bleached tips for some reason