Thursday, 12 September 2013

Sleek Lip 4 Lipstick Palette & FaceOn Magazine Free Sigma Brush

Sleek Lip 4 Palette: Ballet

 I bought this a couple of days ago, from a Superdrug store. It was £8.99.
Im a sucker for bright and Colourful Lipsticks and i never really buy Nude lipsticks, so this week i thought right im going to buy some to add to my collection and came across this, 4 lipsticks in one and thought this is gonna be better than buying separate lipsticks and i also liked the selection of colours.


(In Order of Palette)
( TuTu, Plié, Swan Lake, Pirouette )
From Left to Right:

TuTu: Gloss 
Plié: Satin / Sheen
Swan Lake: Matte
Pirouette: Satin / Sheen


 Creamy Patel Pink Toned true Nude
This is probably my Least Favourite, i love this colour but its not Opaque and its quite messy, but saying that im not a fan of gloss, so thats probably why i give it low marks, but i do think it is a good gloss and nice colour regardless.


Soft Auburn Warm Brown

I really love this colour, i think its a colour anyone can pull off,  it has a nice feel Semi Opaque, longevity, not sticky or hard to apply and has a real nice finish.

Swan Lake

Stiff Orange Toned Nude with a Matte Finish

I really do like this colour but it was so hard to apply and seemed to ware away after a while, i think this is because it is the only matte colour, but it took alot of effort to apply, but a nice colour never the less.


 Soft Rose Pink Nude
This is by far my favorite colour of the bunch its probably the closest to my actual lip colour but giving that even toned look, its so pretty in my mind this colour is the perfect nude colour for me, i can see myself wearing this one alot.


 This is actually a very good brush, quite stiff so it gives an even Finish and is small enough to get in those tricky areas.

FaceOn Magazine

If your a fan of Makeup like me and you live in the UK, then you'll be happy to know that there is now a makeup based magazine avaliable to buy! .. why has this taken so long? . they are avaliable in most WHSmith stores, This one came with a free Sigma Blending Brush, if your quick you should still be able to purchase this issue, £5.95

Sigma Brush

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