Saturday, 4 August 2012

Pastel hair

Pastel Hair Tutorial

I decided after having pink hair to go white and what turned out as an experiment came out so amazing it is defiantly the best hair colour iv had yet.

 i am telling you how to do this not just for the hairstyle but on tips on how to save money when bleaching and without destroying your hair in the process i am naturally very, VERY dark and if i can get my hair white with it still attached to the roots then so can you.

 before deciding to do it your self take a look at these pictures and decide whether its for you.. Happy Bleaching xx

sorry for the lack of make-up lol xx

                                                     closer look on the violet and pink

First shampoo your hair a day before Dont condition! and preferably not an oily shampoo.

Now to get that white which is soo hard to achieve and expensive here is the answer!
First you need to buy blue powdered bleach you can get this at any hair specialist stores such as Sally's :  or Ultimate H&B
These stores are located in the uk.

Now the bleach i like to buy is Freeze ice Lites  this is blue powdered bleach now the key in the fact that it is blue is that blue and purple colours lift out brassy and yellow'y tones in your hair. where as regular bleach dosnt do that due to people countlessly dyeing their hair and damaging it  ( like me!).

This is what it should look like.

The 50g pack varys from £3 to £4 and the 400g is £20 upwards
it is well worth getting the 50g pack as i made the mistake thinking it was enough for just one use were as one pack lasts me 3 months on dying my roots.

next you will need some creme peroxide 7.5% 20 VOL
The most you would need to spend on this is round about £4 to £6. Dont make the mistake and buy the most expensive brand the all have the same ingredients and consistency when going in the store ask them for their own brand of this it all does the same job.

I got mine for £4 which i think was a bargain considering its lasted me about two years.

Make sure you get 25VOL NO HIGHER!

The Freeze ice Lites pack does say to get 40VOL but you have to remember it is actually ment for highlights not for your scalp if you put 40VOL on your head it would burn your scalp so make sure you dont make that boo boo!

Once you have them you need a tinting bowl and brush now a brush really helps but you could use a plastic bowl insted NOT CERAMIC! as the bleach will make it crack and then you would have a broken bowl and a whole lot of mess!
i got a set of brushes and a bowl for just 99p ( not each all together ) at discout uk stores and im pretty sure they would sell anything similar in similar stores i wouldnt get one from a proffesional hair store as you would be paying a whole lot more.

Once you have the three main things bleach, peroxide & bowl you now need to mix the contents.
Now dont get scared because when i first done this the women at the store gave me no help and i had to figure it for myself. to be quite honest theres no real science behind it
no measurements or amounts you pour about quarter of the small bleach packet into your bowl (i use quarter because thats what i use everyones different and has different lengths of hair) after you have done that mix in the peroxide no specific amount if you have used home bleaching kits at home you know the consistency of hair dye try and aim for that and remember if you add a little too much creme peroxide you can always add a little more powder to counter it out and vice versa.

Dye your hair how you usually dye your hair i would recommend roots first the the rest because that way the roots get more attention (as the roots are generally darker than the rest of hair)

Leave it in for around 30 minutes and wash out with shampoo only dry hair and it usually takes another go.

when dying it the second time you dont have to be so consistent just quick and simple. Dye the ginger/ blonde parts more thoroughly as im sure there will be bits darker than the rest.

After doing that get your Blue/ Purple Shampoo i would buy Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Shampoo or Loreal proffesional homme grey shampoo

I would buy the loreal as it is very good and worth the money and you can generally get it from your local hairdresser.

Now heres the part for the pastels if you just want white hair then just wash and rinse with this and apply to roots and leave on for 20 minutes. now if you want the violet streaks literally wash your hair with this shampoo with as less water as you can you dont want blue water dripping everywhere. then get either a swimming hat or plastic bag and put over your head (Not completely over so you cant breath just around your hair line) and tye it at the back. leave this in for as long as you can i left mine for about an hour if you can do more than do so.

Wash out and you should have violet streaks this happens because not all the hair is a certain pigment so the violet only seems to stay on the end in a streaky manner very clever :)

Now for the pastel pink you need to buy Crazy Colours Pinkissimo and Direction's Toner.

Next mix pinkissimo and lots of conditioner you will only need a blob of the pink. also mix in a bit of the toner now the toner isnt all necessary  but if you want just white hair then use this with these instructions minus the pink.

Now i tell you to get pinkissimo rather than a lighter pink dye because you can make it lighter yourself by mixing in conditioner and it will last you a hell of lot longer.
Next after you've mixed it all together so its a very very light pink like near whitey sort of pink apply the mixture to your roots or any were else you want the pink, dosnt have to be exact all the way through you could add more pink in certain  areas.

Wash out after 20 to 30 minutes.....

The conditioner i would recommend you use because you have bleached your hair your hair needs a little treat so i would recommend Aussie 3 minute miracle hair normally £3 to £4  from savers or superdrug reconstructor or Lee stafford's hair growth treatment £7.99 from boots

Now thats about it i hope you found this information helpful and remember you could always add more colours and do it a different way this is just a guide on how to do things cheap and safe without ruining your hair.

please leave comments if you have any questions :)


  1. I have literally found this sooo helpful!! Thank you so much!! Xxx

  2. Hi Rare, see when u say to mix toner in with the pink,what toner is it plz?? & thanks for sharing this as I have found this very helpful! xxxx

  3. Hi, can anyone plz help me with my question about what toner to mix through with the pink plz, as I don't no what Rare means when she says to mix some toner through with the pink?? Plz can someone give me some advice.. Thank u in return! x

  4. Hi, can anyone plz help me with my question about what toner to mix through with the pink plz, as I don't no what Rare means when she says to mix some toner through with the pink?? Plz can someone give me some advice.. Thank u in return! x