Thursday, 27 November 2014

Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Palette: Review Swatches & Looks

 For those who follow my blog would know that i among many others have been waiting forever for its release. and its finally here and in my hands.. im so happy right now as this is my dream palette, every colour is amazing and i know that i will get so much use out of it as i love all things girly.

The Palette

 The palette is beyond adorable, and is so well made, with a magnetic closure and mirror, purrfect for every pastel princess.

Colours ~ Swatches

 Kitten Parade

This is my favourite colour of the bunch, i would probably go as far as saying its probably my favourite colour eyeshadow EVER!. Kitten Parade is a peach gold shimmer with pink hues and sparkles. it shifts in colour and is creamy to the touch.


This colour is probably the weakest of the bunch, not as pigmented and very powdery. but is amazing none the less, i say this because for pastel eyeshadows it is very hard to get any colour pay-off, and this considering i don't think you will ever find pastel colours that actually show, were as this does. This also has a slight pink hue / shimmer to it.


This is such a beautiful colour, pastel again but it as a shimmer to it also, this has i would like to say a silverish / white / lilac sheen, like frosted. perfect colour for winter. reminds me of slushie snow cones.


I was a bit dubious of this colour at the start as its very similar to Sugarpills Dollipop, and to be honest there is not that much difference, apart from that hotsy totsy has flecks of blue glitter in it. it is still a beautiful colour as i love dollipop anyway, so its not going to hurt to have one with glitter ;)
Hotsy Totsy is a Dark Hot pink with flecks of glitter and is the most pigmented out of all 4.

Some looks i had done with my new favourite Palette

Using every colour in the sparkle baby palette and Sugarpills Tako & Lumi, & Afterparty for my eyebrows.
I also used Frostline & Kitten Parade on my Lips

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