Monday, 21 April 2014

Lime Crime's Velvetine's: Clueless Witch Collection: Wicked, Salem & Black Velvet Review & Swatches

 When Lime Crime announced these i was so so excited because not only i love their velvetines, (and i think matte lips are the future of lip products and i wish i had every colour in matte form) but i love love these colours, sometimes when lime crime release a new product i get it 90% of the time mainly because i love their products and i feel i have to collect them all, but i have so many things i dont even use i just buy for the sake of buying but i was especially excited for these as i know i will wear all the colours all the time.


From Left to right: Wicked, Black Velvet & Salem


 Wicked is a deep blood red alot darker then her sister Red Velvet, applies evenly drys matte touch proof and gorgeous for a vampy or pin up look.

Probably the one i will wear the most, out of the three, not meaning its my favorite, i actually cant decide between the three as i like them all so much for different reason's.

Black Velvet

Black Velvet is a Matte blackest of black's lip colour. applies evenly drys matte touch proof. it sorta has a blue-ish undertone to it, perfect for goth's too busy to re-apply their lippy

For me i can think of a million different use's for this especially photoshoots, and applying it on clients, i will say though out of all three i did find this the messiest to apply and a bit more problematic, once applied no problem at all.


Salem is a rich chocolaty brown, applies evenly drys matte touch proof. i was sorta hoping more like dark chocolate, but its more like milk chocolate, perfect for you messy chocolate eaters ;)

I do really love this colour, when this first got announced not every one was happy with a brown lipstick, but i honestly thought it was the best one!, after trying all three, i have concluded that salem dosnt look as good on me as well as the other two, i do still really like it, but i feel maybe my hair clashes with it a bit. but still love it for its originality, and i know i will wear the shit out of this coming Autumn time. perfect fall lipstick!


Love love love these velvetines, quality still remains the same compared to the other velvetines. well done lime crime, i couldnt have asked for a better range of colours ( still waiting on that purple velvetines though )

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UTOPIA: A theoretical perfect realm. Also: new Velvetine by Lime Crime, coming June 2014!

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