Thursday, 9 April 2015

Long Awaited Update! Where have I been?

Hiya guys!

People who regularly follow me or check out my blog, my facebook page or have worked with me (makeup wise), would have noticed that i havn't really done much lately, whether that be shoots, makeup looks or reviews. well i will tell you the reason why, well its a number of little stupid reasons really.

My new hair Colour!


Money is and always has been a big issue of mine, im not going to bore you with the details, but lets just say me and my partner have the worst luck when it comes to financial issues, lets put it this way if we won the lottery it would be good karma, for all the shit karma we've had.

anyway, i am not saying i am poor i know there alot more people worse off than me its just the i never have a steady income enough to make future plans, as in 'oh yea i would love to do a photoshoot with you in london' and when it come to the actual day, i dont have the money to travel, or ' at the end of this month i am going to get a new camera' and then at the end of the month there are other expenses that are more important, and obviously reviews cant come if i have no new products to review. so you see my problem.


I lost my Job in October last year, and to be honest it hit me really hard, when i say my job i mean my alter ego as a barmaid, i loved my job so much and it was my only rock steady income, my confidence was built up so much in that place, i had friends a great boss, i had everything, and then the place got taken over and i got a new boss who made it her lifes work to get me to quit, i didn't so she had no choice but to let me go ( but for the record i didn't actually do anything wrong and tried fighting it but i couldn't due to some stupid law)

anyway, that knocked me back a bit and i sorta went in a downward spiral from there. I got a new job like 3 weeks later in another pub, which i love but iv had to make new friends and get used to working in a complete different way, so i have been so consumed into getting my life back on track.

This is all i wanted to do all day , cuddle with my babies

Being Consumed by life and my Nintendo3ds

Iv had alot of things happen in the past 6 months, and in January / February i had no work due to the pub i just got my new job at closed for a month and a bit for a refurbishment. In this month I DONE NOTHING!, and i mean nothing, i just got into a weird funk to were i didnt have any routine anymore, i had no inspiration to even bother doing a makeup look, i had no work in the makeup department because winter time is generally pretty slow anyway, so i just burried my head in the world of pokemon and zelda, i just didnt want to do anything.

Back on Track!

The week before i done my most recent photoshoot with the lovely Paul J Harrison ( will post them soon!) I had a sudden spark, i was like right time to get out of this funk and get back to what i love, makeup!, I had my photoshoot, which was great, but the week itself ended sour, im not going to get into why as its personal, and to come back home to my lovely husband and my brood of animals, to then get really ill, to then get better just in time for my birthday, which was a total and complete crapfest. but then i got the best present through the post!

My Birthday Present

So basically life is always up and down, and im just making sure i focus on the good rather the bad.
So i will be posting alot more reguarly more than ever bofore, and as soon as i get a new camera i will be posting alot more looks too, and hopefully i can get a good enough camera to record tutorials which iv wanted to do for ages now!, so stay tuned!

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