Thursday, 29 August 2013

Mascara under £5 ~ as good as it says?

M.UA : Make-up Academy Lash BOOM Volume & Length Review

 If you Regularly follow my blog then you'll know that im a big fan of MUA products mainly because of the price tag, normally when somethings really cheap its usually to good to be true, but MUA seem to actually have decent products, now im not going to say wow their brilliant and their much better than high end brands, because lets face the facts its not going to be as good as top brands, but saying that i have found that some of MUA's products are actually better than bigger more well known brands. I like the attitude of 'you pay for what you get'. so with that if i pay £12 for a eyeliner and it isnt absolutely amazing i wont be buying it again, and if i buy an eyeliner for £1 and it does what it says and provides me with something i can use, i would rather get the £1 one.

With all that out the way lets get one with the review :)

What it say's on the tin?

Lash Boom
Give Lashes intense Boom with this super Lengthening and Volumising Mascara
Colour: Ultra Black


Before & After 

Now before you think WOW, i have to confess i do have very long lashes and someone with not so long lashes might not achieve this contrast in difference.

Now this is something i personally dont like but others may prefer but i prefer to wear false lashes only because i prefer the shape and style, because i have such long lashes when i apply a good mascara or lots of coats my lashes look like spider legs and actually touch my brow when opened, but other may like this look, which is fine :)


It does to a certain degree make your lashes thicker and appear to volumize them, it defiantly makes them appear longer and gives an intense black coat. It also last's a fair amount of time, dosnt seem to smudge or make a mess either. the brush is good in a way that it does separate the lashes making them less clumpy


The brush does definatly has too much product on it when taken out the tube, but this isnt a problem if you just wipe the excess away. I did notice after two coats it did start to weigh my Lashes down a bit and they lost their length a bit. It is not waterproof, and i didnt notice a waterproof option when buying.

        Marks out of 10 for MUA's Lash Boom Mascara

Long Lasting Wear:  7                             Waterproof?: No

Colour: 10                                               Light or Heavy Wear?: Medium

Application: 8                                          Would I Recommend?: Yes

Volumising: 7                                           Lengthening: 7
Price: 10                                                  Price:  £3

                                         Overall Score: 8 / 10

So in conclusion for £3 this is an absolutely amazing mascara, and i would defiantly recommend, is it an amazing mascara compared to others? no, but its £3! .. and i think everyone should always have an everyday mascara and a special mascara for those nights out, this is a perfect everyday mascara that wont break you bank account.

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