Thursday, 9 April 2015

Long Awaited Update! Where have I been?

Hiya guys!

People who regularly follow me or check out my blog, my facebook page or have worked with me (makeup wise), would have noticed that i havn't really done much lately, whether that be shoots, makeup looks or reviews. well i will tell you the reason why, well its a number of little stupid reasons really.

My new hair Colour!


Money is and always has been a big issue of mine, im not going to bore you with the details, but lets just say me and my partner have the worst luck when it comes to financial issues, lets put it this way if we won the lottery it would be good karma, for all the shit karma we've had.

anyway, i am not saying i am poor i know there alot more people worse off than me its just the i never have a steady income enough to make future plans, as in 'oh yea i would love to do a photoshoot with you in london' and when it come to the actual day, i dont have the money to travel, or ' at the end of this month i am going to get a new camera' and then at the end of the month there are other expenses that are more important, and obviously reviews cant come if i have no new products to review. so you see my problem.


I lost my Job in October last year, and to be honest it hit me really hard, when i say my job i mean my alter ego as a barmaid, i loved my job so much and it was my only rock steady income, my confidence was built up so much in that place, i had friends a great boss, i had everything, and then the place got taken over and i got a new boss who made it her lifes work to get me to quit, i didn't so she had no choice but to let me go ( but for the record i didn't actually do anything wrong and tried fighting it but i couldn't due to some stupid law)

anyway, that knocked me back a bit and i sorta went in a downward spiral from there. I got a new job like 3 weeks later in another pub, which i love but iv had to make new friends and get used to working in a complete different way, so i have been so consumed into getting my life back on track.

This is all i wanted to do all day , cuddle with my babies

Being Consumed by life and my Nintendo3ds

Iv had alot of things happen in the past 6 months, and in January / February i had no work due to the pub i just got my new job at closed for a month and a bit for a refurbishment. In this month I DONE NOTHING!, and i mean nothing, i just got into a weird funk to were i didnt have any routine anymore, i had no inspiration to even bother doing a makeup look, i had no work in the makeup department because winter time is generally pretty slow anyway, so i just burried my head in the world of pokemon and zelda, i just didnt want to do anything.

Back on Track!

The week before i done my most recent photoshoot with the lovely Paul J Harrison ( will post them soon!) I had a sudden spark, i was like right time to get out of this funk and get back to what i love, makeup!, I had my photoshoot, which was great, but the week itself ended sour, im not going to get into why as its personal, and to come back home to my lovely husband and my brood of animals, to then get really ill, to then get better just in time for my birthday, which was a total and complete crapfest. but then i got the best present through the post!

My Birthday Present

So basically life is always up and down, and im just making sure i focus on the good rather the bad.
So i will be posting alot more reguarly more than ever bofore, and as soon as i get a new camera i will be posting alot more looks too, and hopefully i can get a good enough camera to record tutorials which iv wanted to do for ages now!, so stay tuned!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Palette: Review Swatches & Looks

 For those who follow my blog would know that i among many others have been waiting forever for its release. and its finally here and in my hands.. im so happy right now as this is my dream palette, every colour is amazing and i know that i will get so much use out of it as i love all things girly.

The Palette

 The palette is beyond adorable, and is so well made, with a magnetic closure and mirror, purrfect for every pastel princess.

Colours ~ Swatches

 Kitten Parade

This is my favourite colour of the bunch, i would probably go as far as saying its probably my favourite colour eyeshadow EVER!. Kitten Parade is a peach gold shimmer with pink hues and sparkles. it shifts in colour and is creamy to the touch.


This colour is probably the weakest of the bunch, not as pigmented and very powdery. but is amazing none the less, i say this because for pastel eyeshadows it is very hard to get any colour pay-off, and this considering i don't think you will ever find pastel colours that actually show, were as this does. This also has a slight pink hue / shimmer to it.


This is such a beautiful colour, pastel again but it as a shimmer to it also, this has i would like to say a silverish / white / lilac sheen, like frosted. perfect colour for winter. reminds me of slushie snow cones.


I was a bit dubious of this colour at the start as its very similar to Sugarpills Dollipop, and to be honest there is not that much difference, apart from that hotsy totsy has flecks of blue glitter in it. it is still a beautiful colour as i love dollipop anyway, so its not going to hurt to have one with glitter ;)
Hotsy Totsy is a Dark Hot pink with flecks of glitter and is the most pigmented out of all 4.

Some looks i had done with my new favourite Palette

Using every colour in the sparkle baby palette and Sugarpills Tako & Lumi, & Afterparty for my eyebrows.
I also used Frostline & Kitten Parade on my Lips

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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Hair Product Haul:Love or Leave: Plus some hair tips and secrets!

Schwarzkopf Got2b Hair Styling Products

I love Got2b products, i have always had a good experience with them, i recently bought more of their range to test out. i think i have already said on this blog that i love their heat protection spray, as it has such a nice smell plus it states to protect your hair from up to 220'C. not that i ever use that heat on my hair, but its nice to know the reassurance.

Got2b 2 Sexy big Volume push up Spray Mousse

I got this as my hair is very very flat, blow-drying seems to give it some volume and so does my hair extensions but my hair is always flat at the roots, i bought this hoping it would solve this.

first impressions were good i loved the fact it was a spray mousse that you shook to activate, also the smell was sooo good, smelled like strawberry's. the instructions basically say shake to activate and apply to wet/ damp towel dried hair, and massage into roots, blow dry hair upside down for extra volume.

I did all this and honestly it was okay. My hair definitely did get extra volume at the roots, and this did last until the next day to some extent. but i was expecting more volume, maybe im being picky, but one thing i didn't really like was that after blow-drying it was a bit sticky, which isn't that much of a problem but still annoying

Score out of 10: 7/10

Got2b Beach Matt Mermaid Look Salt spray

I got this spray because if you know me, i sort of have mermaid hair, and i wanted the waves to match, i love the packaging of this spray, which made me want to buy it more.  My hair is naturally dead straight and no matter what i do my hair never has a kink or curl that lasts the day, it just wants to stay straight.

Buying this it exceeded my expectations, it gave me exactly what i wanted plus more, it lasted all day and night and even the next day. and the best thing is that there is no heat involved,

To use just spray your hair scrunch and manipulate with your hands, and blow-dry, but you dont need heat to activate just something to dry the product, so you can always set your hair-dryer on cool.

i can honestly say i love this product and i think it will now be a staple in my hair products.

Score out of 10: 9/10

Here is a picture of my hair using this product

TRESemme Colour Protection Treatment Masque

I bought this really just for the sake of it, and i was in no way expecting how good it was going to be. i thought this because it was in one of those cheap shops that sell a bit of everything. it was around £2 - £3 for a big tub of the stuff 500ml.

I bought this for mixing with my hair colours i.e to make them lighter, and as it was a leave in colour conditioner, i thought what better to mix with my colours. 

it definitely helps your colour stay alot longer, the tub claims 40 washes, but i find that hard to believe, nevertheless it is brilliant at what it does, it also makes my hair so shiny which i wasn't expecting, just overall a very nice product.

as iv never really seen this anywhere else it may be hard to find, but if you find it i highly recommend buying it.

Score out of 10: 9.5 /10

Coloured hair? .. Heat Damaged? .. or Dry?
Hair tip you need to know!

Coconut Oil!

YES! coconut oil. it does wonders to your hair. if your a serial bleacher like me then you'll like to know that this helps so much when it come to over bleaching your hair.

How to use, apply a generous amount all over your hair, root to tip, after doing so your hair will look greasy and just yucky, but if you can sleep with it in or leave it in all day. this will help bring some natural oil back to your hair which may have been loss to over washing, bleaching or any other type of damage which causes hair to be dry and brittle.

I also use it when bleaching my hair, after applying the oil all over your hair, do your usual bleaching and it just helps protect your hair that little more. dont worry the oil does not in any way tamper with dyes or bleach, it will still process exactly the same, i might even say it feels the bleach applys more evenly with the oil.

You can find coconut oil at any health food stores, or even in most supermarkets. i got a 300ml for around £5-6, and it lasts for ages.

Well thats all my reviews and tips, i hope you found this helpful be sure to leave any questions in the comments below xxxxxx