Saturday, 24 August 2013

Sugarpill's Limited Edition Loose Eyeshadow: Asteria Review & Swatches

Sugarpill's Asteria

 As soon as sugapill announced this limited eyeshadow i had to get my hands on it, only to realize its Limited to PHAMExpo only!, this annoyed me and plenty of other sugarpill fans, but a few weeks later Sugarpill released it on their web page for everyone to buy, ... well i say everyone but there were only 1000 of these gem's made so 500 got sold at PHAMExpo and the other 500 on their webpage, so only 500 who wernt able to go to PHAMExpo were able to get one, and WOW , dont i feel special ;)

I got sent this last week and iv been super busy, so reviews a bit late.. sorry x
but when Sugarpill did send me this i got a Sugarpill sticker, a sample of Magentric Loose eyeshadow (which i already own :( ).. Thank you Sugarpill xx


 The first Swatch is on its own, Second is on top of a base and the Third is swatched folied (wet)

I am so glad i got this eyeshadow, its soo much prettier than it looked in the first pictures sugarpill released, its a coppery pink colour with green, gold and pink sparkles, how can you not love!

Here are some more swatches :)

New Packaging!

Sugarpill normally has Black Packaging with the pink logo, and on the box is normally pink, were as this is white with pastel text and has a very different look. i may be wrong but i think this new packaging is also going to be used for the new Sparkle Baby eyeshadows sugarpills releasing mid september, or something rather similar to this, very clean and cutesie. 

And here is the old Packaging

I have to say i love the new Packaging! .. and i cant wait to see more of this in the future
What do you think of the new packaging?

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