Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Snakes, Traintracks, Fashion & Face Cracks: Photoshoots for this month

 This Month i had so many photoshoots, some bad, and some really great ones!
I worked with some of my usual's/ favorites and some new models/ photographers. Basically the month didnt start off well, i worked with a real shity model, she was rude, in a hurry to go, and to be honest not that great of a model, then i had a shoot planned that i got turned down for because i didnt reply to a message fast enough and they didnt bother to tell me until i asked for directions ON THE DAY OF THE SHOOT!, which i thought was pretty bad. then a really fantastic shoot that me and Paul Harrison (photographer) had planned on the 14th turned sour because of a no show (once again) , so that shoot got canceled :( .. then only to get let down AGAIN by another model who decided to not come. BUT.... the month turned out brilliantly considering.. we all got some amazing photos and themes, and got to work with some new models and photographers, which is always good :)

Snake Princess

Paul Harrison & Emma Louise S

This was a REALLY fun shoot as iv always wanted to do a shoot like this, i was just jealous that it wasnt me posing with a Boa Constrictor.. but ohwell.. I tried to make the makeup match the colours of the snake plus some extra sparkle to match her swimming costume, all together, the makeup, the outfit and the snake all went really well together.

Fashion Shoot / Hair Styling

David PD Hyde with Lucia & Juliet

This was a bit different to what i usually do, this time round i done the Hair Styling rather than the Makeup, still good fun, here is a couple of shots, the first model they requested a messy braided bun, and the second is a bit like a victory roll but with a twist.


 Marionette Shoot

Paul Harrison with Samantha Tomlin & Alicia A Scott

This was the shoot me and paul had planned, and paul had put so much effort into the props it was unbelievable! We had a toy/puppet box, cross with strings, plus the famous red curtains, it was amazing!

Circus Runaway

Holly Stringer Photography with Anna Sawyer

I was so tired on the day and it was chucking it down with rain on the day, so to honest i was not in the mood to do a shoot, but im so glad i did. the photographer was amazing as you can see, and the model was beautiful and lovely, and im planning with working with her again in the future :) . as you can see we shot at a train station and i think it gives a really good effect especially with the moody weather, so all in all a really good shoot and plus they loved the makeup :) ..
These are not all the images, i will be receiving them soon, so stay tuned on my facebook page for more

 Fun with Lauren!

If you regularly follow my blog you should all know me and Paul Harrison have a special relationship with lauren, she always comes up with crazy ideas (which i love) and shes always up for anything, and i always make sure whenever i visit harlow i always shoot with lauren ... love her <3



Coming soon.......

From the 19th October to the 26th,, me and Paul Harrison are doing a week long shoot with all the usual Halloween Characters, like Cleopatra, Zombies, Witches, Vampires and plently more Please get in contact if your interested



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