Thursday, 1 August 2013

New Treats for me, Update, Plus MORE New makeup

Exciting Stuff!

 If you Looked my last blog post you will know there are some new exciting stuff coming out, well this is just a little update and plus SOME MORE new stuff, which im super excited about.

Sugarpill News!

Elektro Cute <3

 They now have names! which are adorable
I wasnt really that excited about these as much as i was about sparkle baby but the new images and descriptions have made me second guess.. maybe i do need these in my life, as every girl knows you can never have enough glitter in your life!

Here are some Swatches

(Photo courtesy of Sugarpill Cosmetics)
From Left to right:
Love Buzz, Supercharged, Sparkage, Hi-Viz, Hellatronic
I personally Love Buzz & Supercharged and will defiantly be getting these two, when a sale comes along so i can buy loads, my yearly bulk buy from sugarpill, i usually spend about $100 on their (Pink) Black Friday sale, so i will be looking forward to that.
Unfortunately these are more expensive than Sugarpill's Chromalust Loose Eyeshadows, these are $16 were as the chromalust's are $12, Sugarpill says this is because: Unfortunately the raw ingredients are more costly than those that go into regular eyeshadows, as the ElektroCutes contain neon pigments as well as color-shifting sparkle additives (not cheesy craft glitter!) You will definitely notice the difference when you see and feel them. 

These are NOW available on the Sugarpill site:


If you remember me saying on my last post that this was an exclusive buy at PHAMExpo, and this wouldn't be available on the site to buy, and that there were only 1000 made.... well... I GOT ONE!
Sugarpill reserved 500 of these beauty's to sell on their site a week ago, only for that one day, well i snapped it up. and i should be receiving it soon.. and as soon as i do i will review and supply swatches, and a look <3 this space xxx

Lime Crime News!

New Velvetines!

Again im referring to my last post, but i discussed Lime Crimes Promise earlier this year about releasing a new Velvetines colour, that being purple which they said they would be releasing this fall, here is a mock up of what i imagine the Purple Velvetines looking like,

Well they did say they would be releasing a new colour this fall, is it Purple? ... no its PINK!

I am really excited about this, because well who dosnt like pink matte lips, but i really hope Lime Crime keep to their promise and also release a Purple too,
Here is a picture of Doe Deere wearing it plus a link to see a video of her wearing it on instagram

Here is a mock up of What it might look like

News for me!

I havnt really been that busy this month, but i got a busy month ahead of me!

August 2nd: Mine and my Hubby's 5 year Anniversary 
August 3rd: Shoot with David PD Hyde
August 10th & 11th : Filming for a new T.V Show ( will fill you in once done, exciting stuff)
August 14th to 21st: Dog sitting in Harlow, while also doing more shoots with the lovely Paul Harrison :)

I also am doing another shoot with David at the end of august, plus im still completing my Seven Deadly Sin's shoot with SRadwan Photography.

So a busy busy month :)

Plus iv also got some Treats too look forward to too, Sugarpill's Asteria & these Awsome things :)
How amazing are these shoes, i havnt got them yet but i will be, i will find a way ;)


  1. I haven't been keeping up with Sugarpill & Lime Crime... I've been wanting a magenta/purple lip color and I think I will add Hellatronic to my list of 'wants'.
    Wow - 5 yrs! Congrats... How old were you when you got married?