Friday, 5 July 2013

New Makeup on the Horizon : Sugarpill, Lime Crime and Big Savings

Times like these I Wish I had more Money!


 For anyone who dosnt already know Lime Crime & Sugarpill are my Favourite makeup brands. i have always been a bit different and these two makeup company's let me express that through makeup, bringing out beautiful vibrant colours i cant help but squeal over. so you can imagine my excitement when they both announce they are bringing out new products :)

But i will also announce some other new DEAL's and exclusives to keep you going,

Sugarpill Cosmetic's

Lots to tell! Sugarpill was recently at PHAMExpo, and they sold all their new release's there along side some  exclusive stuff that us faithful sugarpiill fans cant get hold of :( 
But never mind we can get hold of all these goodies at the end of July!

New Loose Pigment's : ELEKTRO CUTE

I love these so much, Neon Colours sure to make your eyes POP!
Out of all five i think i will definatly be getting the orange, they dont have names yet as far as i know.

New Cold Chemistry Palette

This new palette has been talked about now for a while, their release was surposed to be a while back now but there was some problems, so sugarpill has promised their release will be on the website the end of july.
i personally wont be getting this only because i go to sugarpill for my bright colourful need's. not saying i dont like these colours its just there are alot of things i would rather get, for example i would rather buy more loose pigments from sugarpill as i love their loose pigments and i cant get enough!

Sparkle Baby

I for one am soooo sooo excited for the new release of these colours, so far Sugarpill themselves have only showed this colour on their facebook page, but i have seen the other colours, and OMG im in love these 4 colours i will definatly be buying especially 'Kitten Parade' , this one below is called 'Hotsy Totsy'.
AND how CUTE is this new packaging.. how cold you possibly resist!
here are some links to other bloggers who have pictures of the new Sparkle Baby Colours
( i could of showed you the other colours but as i or sugarpill themselves didnt take them i didnt want to steal)

oh and by the way sugarpill has only released these colours seperatly but i asked and they did say there will also be a palette for all four colours!

Exclusive buy's @ Sugarpill PHAMExpo

These were exclusive Buys.. and will not be sold on the webpage :(
although i have heard the pro palette will be sold later this year, so we have to wait and see about that one.

Deal's , Saving's, Bargain's & Sale's

BH Cosmetics

I get emails from BH Cosmetics all the time like this and i just find it hard to believe how they can sell their products for so cheap. if you have never used BH Cosmetics then i advise you to, at this price you cant really go wrong to try, and if you do like BH Cosmetics then sign up for their newletter as you get notified when they have steals like this!
( these deals are all current at this time )

M.U.A ( Make Up Academy )

I love M.U.A their products are so cheap and for me have yet to disappoint, If you live in the UK then this makeup is exclusive to Superdrug store's but you get more to choose from and seem to get a better price on the site. anyone outside the uk their site does say they ship worldwide, Lucky you!

Illamasqua SALE! 70% OFF

Lime Crime Babette Lipstick & Purple Velvetines

I for one am not a fan of nude lipsticks, but the more i think about it, i only have 2 Nude Lipsticks, and i use them quite alot, so in the long run i surpose i am a fan, i think its just the loud and colourful lipsticks seem to make me buy were as this dosnt, but maybe i should as i would probly use alot.

This Lipstick will be avaliable on the Website to buy July 15th

Purple Velvetines

Now even though this hasnt actually been announced in a sense Lime Crime did say they were going to bring out a Purple Velvetines.
Here is a snipet from a blog lime crime released at the beginning of this year.
P.S. The silver lining in all this? Based on your feedback, we will be expanding the Velvetine line this fall! That gorgeous purple you’ve all been buzzing about? It’s happening! 

and thats all that has been said on the matter, what type of purple we dont know.. but we'll soon find out!
I done a bit of editing on some pictures of me wearing red velvet velvetines to give you an idea of what it could possibly look like. im hoping its a blue toned Purple like the first one!, what about you?


  1. I totally feel your pain about wishing I had ALL of the money lol xD I don't think I'll end up rushing to purchase sugarpill's new stuff personally as I'd like to wait for more swatches for the elektro cute stuff as I don't think neon shades are my thing, but I'm open to it. The dark palette, I'm not in a rush to get it either as I already own so many dark shades and I think I'd like to wait for sparkle baby palette rather than buying them in singles.

    In terms of Lime Crime, I really hope the new purple velvetine is like the 1st photo you editted ^^ Think I'll definitely try to pick up Lime Crime's Babette and compare it to coquette ^^

    You had much experience with Concrete Minerals? They're super colorful and indie, they strike me as a new lime crime/sugarpill but obviously are nothing alike xD

    1. Yea i feel the same i probly wont be getting any of sugarpill's new stuff apart from sparkle baby, because it looks too damn cute to pass up, and no i havnt really used concrete minerals but i might have to try them out :)