Saturday, 29 June 2013

Three Photographer's Six Model's : Update on Recent Photoshoot's

Recent Shoot's with Paul Harrison, David Hyde & SRadwan Photography.

Recently i have been very busy working with some amazing photographers plus some amazing model's, i am going to show you what iv been up to plus some teasers for the Seven Deadly Sin's shoot me and SRadwan Photography have been up to. 

David PD Hyde: Bridal Shoot

I shot with David for the first time on monday and even though it was a long day im really excited for the outcome as these shots alone will tell you. These are not all the shots but still waiting on all of them, we also done a creepy doll sorta look, and im really excited on getting those, but for the mean time here are couple of shots from the shoot.

Paul Harrison & Lauren Thorpe/ Cheshire Cat

We had done another Body Painting shoot with Lauren if you remember her from before, we had done the Gargoyle shoot, this was all Lauren's idea as her model name is Lady Alice and she actually has a Cheshire Cat Tattoo, you can guess why she wanted to do this. We decided to do an Orange/ ginger Cheshire cat because lauren already had the ears and tail which were already ginger plus she has orange hair.

Paul Harrison: Photoshoot with Emma

Emma if you dont already know is one of my best friends and has recently took up modeling, well i say recently but she has participated in many other shoots with me, more of just a favour, but i think secretly she likes doing it so with a bit of convincing she has now decided to take it up, and as you can see she's a natural! . This was just a shoot for her no special makeup shoot just a nice casual shoot, with me to provide that extra touch :)

 Seven Deadly Sin's Teasers

With SRadwan Photography

For all of you who dont know i have organised an entire shoot centered by the Seven Deadly Sin's, so far we have done Lust & Envy , with plenty more to come, stay tuned for more.....
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