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Lime Crime New Formula Eyeshadow Helper Review

 Eyeshadow Helper / Primer

Through the Test

This is my review on one of the most talked about primer yet, people claiming it is the best primer they have ever used even beating Urban Decay's Primer Potion, well this is gonna be my opinion based on not really using primer's, i have used a couple including urban decays primer potion, but only because i use quite pigmented eyeshadows and i dont really suffer from oily lids or creasing, i just dont see the need to use primers that often. Unfortunately i have never tried Lime Crimes previous Primer, so for me im trying not to compare it im just going to really see what the fuss is all about and test the primer in what it says its supposed to do and how good it does it.

For starters the packaging is soo pretty i just love, but saying that what product does lime crime do that DOSNT have pretty packaging.

The application is fairly easy but being careful not to use to much i only squeezed the tube ever so slightly and nothing came out, i squeezed harder.. still nothing. i then began to think maybe there was a stopper in the tube, but no, the product is quite thick and the opening of the tube is tiny.. so you have to give it a good squeeze.

The product has a creamy feel yet quite thick and when applied becomes quite sticky, not at all a bad thing, it being sticky dosnt tamper in the application or makes your eyes feel sticky it seems to have a magnet type effect that makes your eyeshadow stick and stay put, which i was very pleased about. this also stops fallout which i know we all suffer from time to time, and it really saves on making more mess, which was the first thing i noticed i already loved about this product.

I will be putting this product through the test based on what it says / claims it can do.

this is what the packaging says...


                                                              Lasts till Dawn
                                                  Comes of when you want it to!
How is Eyeshadow helper different? it makes your makeup WATERPROOF while INTENSIFYING COLOR.Smooth a dollop onto your eyelids with fingertips or a brush, Apply eyeshadow promptly . Enjoy a DAY of worry free wear! Wipe of gently with waterproof makeup remover.

This is the description of the product on the website.

No other primers work for you? Meet Eyeshadow Helper: the top-rated, water-proof & touch-proof eyeshadow primer. Get ready to up to 24 hours of crease-free wear, even on the oiliest of eyelids!

Okay! .. we have







Test 1 : Intensifying Color

I have just applied a fairly easy eye makeup so there isnt going to be that much difference when comparing. I have applied a vivid colour but also an eyeshadow that isnt as good as my other orange eyeshadow's because i dont want to use a really pigmented eyeshadow because i dont think there would be that much difference.

I have applied orange around and under lids with white on the brow bone, liquid liner and white liner on waterline

You can obviously tell the difference straight away. also i don't know if you can see but on the lid without primer there is orange fallout on my lashes, as i explained earlier the primer helps with that which i find really helpful.


What i have done here is applied 8 swatches going in order from left to right: No primer, Primer, No primer, Primer, No primer.. and so on ..

What i have also done is chose the crappiest and cheapest eyeshadows i could find and tested them with actual Lime Crime Eyeshadows, so there is a fair test. so it dosnt matter what makeup you wear its the primer that does the job.

These are the cheap eyeshadows, as you can see there is a massive difference in colour and also made the first one shimmer more

These are the Lime Crime eyeshadow swatches from the aquataenia palette, again the colour has been made more vibrant.

So does it Intensify Colour?

I can safely say it has passed with flying colours!

Test 2 : Waterproof

This was an accident really but after doing the swatches on my lovely, co-operative boyfriends arm, i started to wipe it away with a makeup remover wipe and this happened  so to be fair i think this is better than testing if it stays on if it came into contact with water as the remover wipes are obviously stronger, but not to fear after a bit of force with the wipe it did come off no problem, so it really does what it says, stays on but comes off when you want it.

So is it waterproof?

   Yes! .. and was pleasantly surprised how easy it comes off yet stays on aswell.. really Lime Crime how?

Test 3 : 24 Hour Wear & No Creasing

This is after wearing it for 24hours.
No creasing, No smudgeing, No Colour Loss, basically still in tact from when i put it on
Obviosly you can see my liquid liner is smudged but the colour is still exactly the same as when applied. you can also see the eye without primer is starting to look slightly oily where as the eye with primer is still matte.

(you may think the colour as smudged around my face a bit around my nose area, but they are my freckles not makeup, because i had no foundation on)

So.. in conclusion this product not only does exactly what it says it does but it excels at them plus it does things that were unexpected yet a nice little extra to my makeup needs, for example prevents fallout, stays on no matter what yet still comes of when you want it.

As i said before i dont really use primers that much, but after using this i wonder how i ever lived with out it!

If there are any questions or comments please comment below

you can purchase this primer through Lime Crime
Please check out my Favourite makeup and hair sites page for sites that sell lime crime in the UK

All Lime Crime Products are vegan friendly and never tested on animals!


  1. Good post! I never thought orange eyeshadow could look pretty on fair skin with blue eyes - you have changed my opinion! I'm trying to find the look I see on the right-hand side (pink lip color & blue hair) but I haven't found it yet. I want to try that look on myself! xo

  2. thank you xxx.. i will send you a link of that pic.. i dont think its on my blog... here ...