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Lime Crime Lipsticks Review & Swatches

Lime Crime's D'lilac, Cosmopop & Geradium Lipstick

Review & Swatches

 Lime Crime <3
as much as i love lime crime, i have had a bit of an ordeal with them lately, if you follow my blog you would know nearly 2 months ago now i was explaining how i would be reviewing the new Geradium Lipstick and that i purchased some others aswell as the new eyeshadow helper.... well

I had ordered 2 lipsticks and eyeshadow helper on the 2nd or march and i got them yesterday believe it or not.. lime crime give a 6 week time period of international orders, mine didnt arrive after 6 weeks so they had to reorder it, i also ordered on the 2nd of april and got that pretty quick, so god knows what happened to my first order. i still love lime crime and will be ordering of them again as it is not personally there fault and plus they let me change a lipstick when i reordered so all is good. i have ordered of lime crime a few times and this is the first time its happened so dont be turned off ordering them, its just annoyed me a little as it was quite a long wait but also worth it :)

 I originally ordered Geradium & Mint to be but switched Mint to be for Cosmopop, and D'lilac i got with my second order but waited to get the others to review them all together.


From left to right: Geradium, Cosmopop, D'lilac
 Love these Lipsticks, some better than others but will explain that separately..
I am also going to compare my swatches with lime crimes because there seems to be alot of controversy on lime crime photoshopping there pictures but i will let you be the judge


Such a beautiful colour the only thing is, is that it dosnt show its true colour on camera, in real life its a lot more of a coral pink and quite neon, so the orange hues dosnt show that much in the picture, the picture makes it look just like a plain pink lipstick when it certainly isn't. this lipstick isn't as creamy and opaque as the other's but just because the colour is so outstanding it wins double brownie points.

Here is my Swatch (Left) V.s Lime Crime's (Right)


Im really glad i swapped Mint to be for cosmopop, i love this colour so much, i thought it would be best suited to darker skin tones and im really pale and have dark hair so i was a tad worried it would clash but it dosnt and i love this colour so much i can see myself wearing alot coming towards to summer months. It is very Opaque and Creamy reminds me a bit of marmalade and butter,

Here is my Swatch (Left) V.s Lime Crime's (Right)


 My favorite of the bunch, this is the most opaque and creamy lipstick i have ever used (including other lime crime lipsticks) and not to mention the beautiful colour, really suite my pale skin and dark hair, its a purple lipstick but dosnt look silly on and i wear it out alot. when applied it seems you have already applied 10 coats even though you've only applied one, thats how opaque it is, it just seems to fill in every gap. the only down side is from far away it does make your teeth look a tad yellow, but i think that just the what the colour does unfortunately, like how a deep red lipstick makes your teeth seem really white.

Here is my Swatch (Left) V.s Lime Crime's (Right)

All in all , all three lipsticks are brilliant and love them all, Lime Crime will always be my favourite brand of lipstick and they are yet to disapoint!

to buy please check out my favourite make up and hair sites to see websites that sell lime crime in the uk

Coming soon.....

Lime Crimes new Lipstick Babette  & My Review on Lime crime's Eyeshadow Helper

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