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Hair Extension's Tutorial & Eyelashes

Bargain Beauty & Hair extension "How 2's: Dye, Wash & Care"

Bargain Beauty

Ebay 99p 10 Pair Lashes

When i came across these i was amazed 10 PAIRS OF LASHES FOR JUST 99p, Free shipping. so i got 30 pairs of lashes, 60 lashes for just £2.97
The quality of these isnt great, as in i have used better lashes but for 99p i would say they are amazing lashes, they stay on fine as long as you use a good lash glue and give them a bit of a flex and get them into shape , there more than worth every penny.

Bottom Lashes

Now these were £1.58, but still very good for 10 pairs, i have been looking for a good cheap pair of bottom lashes and there isnt much choice here in the UK, So i came across these on ebay and for £1.58 i snapped them up as they were exactly what i was looking for and plus they were very cheap.

Pictures of me wearing them.

 This last picture i am also wearing the bottom lashes.

Hair Extensions

 I have recently dyed my hair black and white and needed new extensions, so i bought some, i also bought Crazy Color Black dye. i bought this rather than your average Black hair dye because this in theory would last longer and if i had any left i could keep it rather than throw it away is what you normally do with normal dye. well wasnt i mistaken..

Crazy Color Black

If any of you ever read my blog you will know i am a big fan of crazy color more so than Manic Panic, Directions and any other semi permanent hair dye, well this particular colour has let me down big time, why you ask... well.. IT ISNT BLACK!!!!

I got so angry because i had dyed my NEW blonde extensions with this and it turned BLUE!.. I gave it the benefit of the doubt, thinking maybe because the extensions were blonde maybe thats why.. well i went through some other hair extensions i had, because i didnt have the money to buy more at the time, so i gathered some old extensions, there was a mix of colours like RED, LIGHT BLUE, GREEN, WHITE, PINK and some BROWN extensions, i gathered the extensions i knew were in still good condition and just little pieces i knew i could make a full head out of...

THEY STILL ALL TURNED BLUE!... at this point i knew it had nothing to do with the colour the hair was before it was the hair dye. i was so angry because the hair dye clearly says BLACK. and its not. so in the end i bought some black permanent dye and that done the trick thank god. i did keep some of the blue extensions as they were a nice colour but not what i was looking for. here is a picture of me wearing them in a gruesome themed make up look.


As you can clearly see there not black, but still nice for certain looks

Dyeing Hair extensions

When Dyeing hair extensions, people get scared, thinking there going to ruin them, but dont worry it is as simple as dyeing your own hair. the only difference is that we have a scalp, so sometimes we use a massaging type motion scrunching our hair into our head to make sure your roots are getting dyed in the process, the same goes for washing our hair. well that is the only thing you dont do to extensions unless you want a big ball of knots at the end of the process.


1: Gravity, dye the extensions in a down ward motion a tinting brush may help with this, laying them on a flat surface like the floor or table with a plastic bag underneath or newspaper so you dont ruin your table/floor. NEVER go upwards from there hair or scrunch.


2:When Shampooing unfortunatly some friction is recuired for the shampoo to take effect and bubble up, and for this with out usual hair we scrunch, rub and massage it into our scalp with the hair, well this is were it gets tricky, because you do need to scrunch at this point but i will show you how to do it without getting it into a big knot.

for this you put shampoo onto the hair then while holding the extensions up with your other hand cup the ends of the extensions, then gradually go up cupping more hair in the process, then when you have most of the hair in your hand squeeze as you would a stress ball, DO NOT use you fingers to separate or tousle the hair, just keep squeezing until the shampoo froths up and keep going, after rinse with warm water.


3: this part is easy, it just going through the extensions with your fingers, un-knotting them in the process, but even with this you can pull out alot of hair but there is a simple way of doing this without brushing the hair out with your fingers ( again with a downward motion )

What you do is grab the hair with all four fingers and then with your thumb while going down push your thumb in to the hair and this will comb your hair through with the conditioner without using all fingers and taking out hair in the process. 

Aftercare & Drying

4:Use a heat deffence spray before drying and i also like to use a frizz control spray, as hair extensions seem to get frizzy after washing them especially at the ends. I then brush them through. After all that i usually hold the hair dryer inbetween my legs while cross legged ( weird i know ) but i dont have another pair of hands unfortunately  while doing this i hold the hair extensions while the hair dryer's blowing and brush them every now and again because a blow dryer can also make them knotty.

I hoped that helped and if you have any questions on were i bought any of the items or a question on the tutorial then please comment below :)

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  1. I bought hair extensions from sallys they were 3 different colors in them of blond honey wnd an orangy blond. Anyways I tried dying them with dark brown semi hair color and they turned dark blue, y? They are 100 percent human hair and the band is sassy 18 inch. Thanks