Monday, 29 April 2013

Velvetines Red Velvet Review

The Long Awaited Velvetines

I have been waiting for this little gem for quite a while now, since it came out really. If you know anything about Lime Crime you will know about this product and the Buzz its created, its taken me such a long time to get this its crazy, it seems whenever it was in stock i either didnt have the money or it was snapped up by everyone else within weeks sometime just days it was gone. Lime Crime restocked Velvetines on the first of April  i had the money i was going to finally get it! , i waited till the second of April to get mine because Lime Crime fans had been waiting for this day and went a little crazy and crashed the website, Lime Crime knew this was gonna happen so i was sure they would stock plenty so i casually waited the next day to get mine, all this chaos and Velvetines is still in stock haha.

Velvetines have two shades, Red Velvet ( which i have ) and Suedeberry. I bought Red velvet as i preferred the colour to Suedeberry, Suedeberry is a coral/pinkish red and i dont think i would ever see myself wearing it .

As much as i have wanted this product for so long, the reviews on it, the pictures and everything else that convinced me to get it i never expected what i got.

THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING! as soon as i got it through the post i opened the pretty package and unscrewed the top to what my nose detects but only a lovely chocolaty scent that just made me want to eat it, 
I then applied it, just the one coat, and it drys instantly, no feathering, no smudging, and sooo easy to apply.
you know when you apply lipstick sometimes no matter how good the lipstick you tend to make a bit of a mess you know go outside the lines get some on your teeth, well i dont know how to explain but this just dosnt seem to happen with this, just because of the simplicity of it.

another thing i liked because it drys so quickly, you can eat, drink, smoke even kiss.. its sooo dry there's no transfer what so ever but the magic thing is even though its really dry, it dosnt dry your lips its actually quite nice, again Lime Crime how do you do it? Magic!

After drying it gives a velvety matte finish    (really like red velvet) and when you apply another coat it makes the colour darker, the only bad point i would say ( BUT this is also a good thing ) is it really stains your lips, and i mean really stains, some people may like that as red lips are never a bad thing but for me i wear a different coloured lipstick everyday and when my lips are still red it can be a bit of a pain.

This product is Liquid but finishes Matte?
This product is dry/ matte but dosnt look or feel dry?
This product goes on like it already knows your lips better than you do?
This product is so opaque, bold and pigmented but yet it only stays on your lips?
And everyone should own one!

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