Saturday, 8 June 2013

Update on Photoshoot's

Lauren, Chelsie & Me!

This is just an update on more photoshoots i have done recently, with more to come!
If you follow my blog you will already know lauren very well, from the gargoyle shoot, decade shoot or anything else. she is my favourite model as she is reliable and is always up for my crazy ideas. for example i had heard she was bringing in a ball gown for the shoot so i immediatly thought 'okay boring wedding/prom makeup' but no lauren wanted to go all out and we decided to do a beaten ghoul bride look, compleate opposite to boring makeup <3

Lady Alice / Ghoul Bride

Chelsie B.

For Chelsie we just done some standard makeup as she needed more portfolio shots, so i done a simple smokey eye.

My Photoshoot



Paul Harrison:


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