Saturday, 27 April 2013

Gargoyle: Body Paint Shoot

 Gargoyle Body Paint

with Paul Harrison & Lauren / Alice

 Had alot of fun doing this shoot as i had never done body painting before and the results / final pictures came out so brilliantly. On the down side it maybe the first time i have done body painting but it will also be the last ( or until i can afford and find some better body paint materials ) the reason being is because i was ill the day before and i dont do well in hot weather, the day we did this it was incredibly hot and we were stuck in a hot studio, after about 10 minutes of painting Lauren the fumes of the body paint got to me, i had a huge headache and it being so hot i started getting a bit queasy. but apart from that i will defiantly be doing it again but not anytime soon as i sort of need to find a good brand of body paint which is also good value for money. if you know of any good body paint brands please send me the link.

These are the final shots, edited by me and some i went a bit crazy on the editing, Warning! some of these shots are nude pictures, not porn but art, so if you are easily offended please stop scrolling.

The Making of: Wings & Behind the scenes

The wings were made by Paul Harrison ( Photographer ) .. not just a good photographer but good at arts and crafts too . who knew?

Covered Shots 

My Favorite Shot

Nudey Shots

Fun Edits

I went a bit mad with editing as i love these shots so much iv just been experimenting with what i can do.

Rust Stone Gargoyle

Night Gargoyle


Photographer: Paul J Harrison

Model: Lauren / Alice

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