Friday, 19 April 2013

Recent Photoshoot's

 Catwomen / Li-anne & Beth

 Thought i would give you an update on the recent shoots i have done. The first shoot was with Li-anne and her partner Claire taking shots of their upcoming business Fringe Vintage, which sells hair accessories and Jewelry, many of the shots were basically advertising what they have for sale, but after that me and Li-anne had a bit of fun and decided to do a catwomen themed shoot, the shoot was a lot of fun with li-anne showcasing what positions she could bend and twist into. the next shoot was with model beth, she had recently had a hair colour change and wanted more shots of it.

All the information on Fringe Vintage i will give in a later Post
All the Credits below of the Models & Photographer


This shoot was a lot of fun, it started with Li-anne wearing a real mask then the later one with makeup. Paul the photographer made a make shift holder for a diamond we decided to use because the mask was based of the batman movie with michelle pfeiffer as catwomen. and under the holder was a flash so when the photographes were taken it gave the effect of a twinkling diamond. No photoshop!

With Real Mask

 Makeup Mask

 Beth Chambers

 If you Remember from the decade shoot we done Beth had Blonde hair with blue ends, she has recently dyed her hair red/orange and it suits her so much better, she needed more shots for her portfolio of her new hair and the first look we done i had used flame/fire colours as it best suited her complexion and new hair.

The next Look was just a dramatic liner with added pink, to match her undies.

Photographer: Paul Harrison

Model: Beth Chambers

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