Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Decade Shoot

Make up Photoshoot through the Decades 1930's to the 1980's

This is gonna be a long post as the photoshoot went on for 4 days so i have loads of pictures to share with you. i had a lot of fun doing this shoot as i got complete control of what looks we were doing and style, poses, Backdrops and basically everything. all thanks to an amazing photographer and amazing models, i will share the facebook link to all the models and photographers Facebook at the end of the post

1930's , Dorothy Wizard of Oz

This shoot was Probly one of my Favourites as not only iv always loved wizard of oz, plus the scene, backdrop, props, outfit and model were amazing, and i may be a little bi-est as it is also my little baby (dog) in the shoot playing Toto
Model: Lisa Jane Ralph


For this i though Classy women and the second shoot is more of a 50's look, again i loved doing this as the outfits and props were brilliant.
Models: Alicia A Scott & Li-Anne Nixon


1950's / Pin Up

For this we done a Series of Looks, First one Being Rosie Riveter, 50's Housewife and Sailor Pin-up 
Model's: Georgina Burton, Beth Chambers & Li-Anne Nixon

1950/60's Marilyn Monroe Themed

Model: Li-Anne Nixon

1960's Flower Power & Twiggy Inspired

Again i loved this shoot mainly for the outfits really, Model Georgina had brought in some great outfits, and i couldnt of asked for a better outcome, the dresses were amazing.
Model's : Lauren Nocturnal Thorpe & Georgina Burton

1970's Punk

Model's: Georgina Burton & Alicia A Scott

1980's Colourful Vs Dark

1980's Music

Ziggy Stardust & Adam Ant

Model's : Lauren Nocturnal Thorpe & Georgina Burton

40's/50's Music Vs Today's Music

These have got to be my favourite collection of photos, mainly just because the model but the theme was also good, wasnt planned but turned out brilliantly. Model: Lisa Jane Ralph


40's/50's Music

Today's Music

I loved this one the most mainly because i think the shots are amazing, when going for photoshoots i mainly look out for shots that show my makeup, but sometimes you come across a picture were you think wow i would hang that on my wall.

America Themed & Other

we had some extra time on our hands and the girls wanted to do a fun shoot were we could play around with the American flag. Model's: Lisa Jane Ralph, Beth Chambers & Li-Anne Nixon



Paul Harrison


Lisa Jane Ralph:  

Lauren Nocturnal Thorpe: 


Beth Chambers:

Alicia A Scott: 

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