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Lips Tips & Tricks

Lips Tips & Tricks

5 Different Lip Colour Methods 

 In this post i am going to share some of my Lip Techniques. i am going to show you it is not as simple as just applying your favourite lipstick, there are so many ways you can apply lip colour, there are so many lip products out there nowadays, lipstick, liptint, lipgloss, lip tar, lip liners, lip Stain. but im about to show you all you need is a bit of know how, some imagination and being experimental.

Lip Care

 Most people know about exfoliation and Lip balm's so im not gonna explain everything, but i will say giving your lips that extra bit of care really does give your lips that extra something especially when applying any sort of lip colour, gives it that extra staying power and makes your lipstick look flawless. i use Blistex Relief Cream, its used for chapped lips, cold sores and cracked lips, i always put this on before make up and before i go to bed at night, the next morning my lips always feel so soft.

Before applying any lip colour or lipstick i like to apply concealer on my lips, i feel it gives the colour a little extra pop of colour , it also helps the colour stay on for longer.

3D Nude Lip's

For this i used a nude Lipstick with a sorta peach undertone colour to it. this lipstick is Miss Sporty 021 Spiced Rum. and for the lip liner i actually used MUA's Eyebrow pencil in Blonde, i know it sounds weird but this pencil has such a creamy feel and i love the colour match with this lipstick, you can use any sort of pencil really be it eyebrow or eyeliner pencil.

 Yes i know it just looks like i have eaten too much chocolate, but bere with me. with the pencil fill in the outside edges of your mouth, doing this gives you lips definition.

 After apply you lipstick like you normally would and you should have perfect 3D lips, here is another picture

Ombre Pink Lips

 If you normally follow my blog you already know i rage on about constance and carrol Lipsticks, and how much i love them. this is Shade 362 Passion Pink & Shade 202 Pure Pink.

I know its Messy but that dosnt matter right now as you are going to blend them together anyway. the same technique as the 3D lips but you fill the outer corners completely, you do this with your darker shade of pink.

Apply the lighter shade of pink in the middle.

Blend it all together and this is the result you should get.

Grape Lip Liner & Gloss

For this i used Revlon Liner, i cant remember the name or number as my dog had chewed the bottom and Jack Wills Lipgloss.

I know it looks grey but in real life it is a dark grape/ wine colour. Fill in the lips with your pencil.

Apply the Gloss and this is what it should look like.

Here are some more pictures.

Glitter Lips / Loose Eyeshadow

for these two looks i used Constance & Carroll Shade 202 Pure Pink.
the first one it with Lime Crime's Zodiac Glitter on top
the picture below using the same lipstick but with Sugarpill's Magentric Loose Eyeshadow on top

Red Velvet Lips

Again i used another Constance & Carroll lipstick in shade 225 City Red, i also used Sugarpill's Eyeshadow in Love +

First Apply red Lipstick and make sure you really fill your lips in, blot if you need to afterwards, but not to much as we want to keep some of that moisture as this is a dry look for your lips, you could also use a red lip liner rather than lipstick, but as i said i prefer to have moisture so i would use a lipstick.

After pat some of the red eyeshadow onto your lipstick, you can use a smudge brush for this or your finger i think works best. after you should have something like this.. a nice velvety matte finish, here are some more pictures.

And the best thing about this look it makes your teeth look really white, my favorite look of the bunch :)

Which one was your favorite ?

if you have any questions or would like to know were i purchased any of the products then please comment me below :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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