Sunday, 5 January 2014

My Inspiration, Girl Crush's & My Style Icons

 As you can see and probably tell its not the usual bunch of celebrities or style icons that most people will like, but these are the people in my life that inspire me everyday, who i think are the most beautiful inside and out, and in my mind who i inspire to be, (not all of them) some i just love because of their look, their personality, their lifestyle and the achievements they have made.

i strive on looking individual and love each and everybody's look in their own way, i would never go out of my way to look exactly like one of these people or any celebrity in fact, so i like to take little pieces of them and create my own concoction. which i think everyone should do. having someone you look up to or somebody you wish could be you, then make changes to your life so you can also be individual, its never about copying.

Amy Doan (Inspiration) 

I love Amy Doan, Not only is she the Owner and creator of Sugarpill Cosmetics (My Favourite Makeup Brand) but she has her own unique look and style which is to die for, she's so cute and how could you not look at her and think WOW, those Colours! . I inspire to be like her having your own successful company and Brand would be my dream.

 Natasha Lillipore (Girl Crush & Style Icon)

I Love, love, love Her style and shes unbelievably Beautiful to boot, She has modeled for Companies such as Lime Crime, Her Tiny Teeth & Dolls Kill, and probably many more.

 Michael James (Inspiration)

 For those of you who may not know him he is a Makeup Guru on Youtube, and i always make sure i watch his videos, Not only is he beautiful and Talented but hes also really funny and i just cant help watching him, the kind of person who i would love to be friends with, (and he also lives not too far from me) so you never know ;)

Dita Von Teese (Style Icon & Girl Crush)

Was there any doubt? This is probably the only one on my list were she is a big style icon to everyone, not only is she beautiful but she has curves and a body to die for. Famous for her Burlesque, how could you not love

Amelia Dinmore aka Amelia Nightmare (Style Icon)

Very Similar Look to Amy Doan but shes not just cute she has a more fierce side, modeled for various Tattoo Magazines (i should know i own alot of them) but she also models for Sugarpill cosmetics to my understanding her and Amy are friends :)

Jeffree Star (Style Icon & Inspiration)

Jeffree Star is so unbelievably Flawless and Fierce, He has made such a success of himself for being himself and basically saying F*ck the haters, he has a music career and a clothing line and he also has a cosmetics line coming out very soon too, which i cant wait for.

Rose Shock aka Tanja (Girl Crush)

 I have followed this girl for a while now and she never seizes to amaze me, with her ever changing looks to just outstanding beauty. she is just an ordinary girl who does makeup as a hobby and shes only 18.

Raquel Reed (Girl Crush)

Burlesque Dancer and has also been in many tattoo Mag's. absolutely Gorgeous and a Phenomenal Body

Other Style Icons & Makeup Artists

Amelia Arsenic

 Ulorin Vex

 Roxanne Rocknroll

Sokolum aka Heather


  1. Thank you for sharing your fave make up people! I love Amy Doan & Michael James - he seems like such a nice person! (Not that the others don't, I just watch his videos the most of all the ppl you've mentioned.) I think I follow Heather on Instagram...(I'm bad with names but I think I recognize her.)
    I hadn't heard of Roxanne Rocknroll. I'm going to check her out. <3 :)

  2. yes i love michael james, i live close to him, i would love to meet him one day .. and yea heather / sokolum, is great.. definatly look her up !