Monday, 20 January 2014

Makeup New's: Exciting announcements from Sugarpill & Lime crime

 This Month has been an explosion of news from Sugarpill & Lime crime in particular, as not only each company are releaseing new items but they are both expanding their line into new and exciting things, At the moment IMATS is happening, part of the reason why all this new stuff is coming out, and a little while after most of the new releases will be on their webpage, and i will be splurging. Im gonna try and do a makeup news at least once a week or just whenever something comes up, gonna try and make this a new addition to my blog :)

Sugarpill New's

New Eyelashes!

Sugarpill annonced their release of 6 new pairs of eyelashes Crystalline, XOXO, Idol, Imperial, Glitzy and Fortress. I for one know im getting the fortress pair, and the XOXO ones seem really interesting. All eyelashes will be one sale on sugarpill's website next week all at the price of $7

Crystalline false eyelashes!  

Idol false eyelashes!

Fortress false eyelashes!

Imperial false eyelashes!

XOXO false eyelashes!

Glitzy false eyelashes!

New Limited Edition Loose Eyeshadow Smitten

 Sugarpill Seem to release a Limited Edition eyeshadow every IMATS, that you can only get at IMATS, but not to worry sugarpill have said that they will set some aside to sell on the website next month.

Sugarpill selling Makeup brushes?? .. YESSSS!

 These Beauty's are debuting were else but IMAT's. Vegan and Cruelty free Makeup Brushes, from what i have made out there is a Large eyeshadow brush, Lip Brush, Tapered Blending & crease and an eyeliner brush. I defiantly will be purchasing these, how could you not love THEIR PINK!! , and they are sugarpill, to be honest sugarpill could sell me anything with their name on it as i know it will be good quality and just so so cute. these will be on sale on their webpage in February.

Sugarpill new's .. Were is the Pro Palette & Sparkle Baby?

 Sugarpill have come out and given an update to why the pro palette didnt release on their website when they promised, somthing to do with them having problems with the lab / suppliers. BUT i have a big issue , since october i have been waiting for the new Sparkle Baby Palette and every time they have said something different it is now January and they have updated us on the pro palette but not sparkle baby, i for one am not too botherd for the pro palette as i already own all colours, please sugarpill update us on sparkle baby :(

anyway here is what they had to say about the pro palette :
Hey kittens! A lot of you have been asking what happened to the #Sugarpill pro palette, which was supposed to launch on our site last winter. Due to manufacturing delays (so annoying, we know!) the release date has been pushed back to spring. The good news is, we were able to get our hands on a limited number to sell at IMATS this weekend! Satisfy your insatiable appetite for color with all three of our Heart collections in one convenient magnetized palette for the special IMATS price of $85. Come visit us at IMATS Booth 407 before they sell out! xoxo

Lime Crime New's

New Velvetine's: The Clueless Witch Collection

 Lime Crime have annonced these beauty's, and omg how amazing are they, dont get me wrong i do love the usual lips colours like red and pink, but i always get excited when Lime Crime release new, exciting and out of the ordinary colours. These will be released in march this year, just in time for my Birthday ^__^


 From Left to right: Wicked, a deep Blood Red, Black Velvet, blackest black and Salem a rich Brown

Now theres been a bit of division on the colour Salem, i personally like it but alot of people are saying wouldnt it be better with the other two colours that there would be a plum purple to go with the theme a bit more.
not just that we have been waiting for a purple velvetine since last march, and if you have read my previous blogs about lime crime i have brought it up every time, as lime crime did say in a blog post last march that they were going to release a purple velvetine and since then they have released the pink velvetine and now these,
im not complaining as i love the pink velvet and i do really like the look of these too but com'on lime crime listen to your customers

Heres an example

 But i may be wrong and they probably are doubled up but take a look at this photo taken at IMAT's
If you take a look there are 9 velvetines, and there are only 3 at the moment including the 3 new ones thats 6, so what are the other 3??? so we will just have to see....

Lime Crime Releasing Hair dye????

To be honest theres not much i can say about this, as this is the only information i know, it will be interesting to see how it turns out as lime crime are a cosmetics company, and you just know there are going to be some crazy colours available and how they will compete with the more popular coloured hair companies such as Manic Panic, Crazy Color and Directions. 

Other new stuff !!

Sleeks new Garden of Eden Palette

Urban Decay Naked Glosses 

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