Saturday, 7 December 2013

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer: Review & Swatches

 If you didn't already know Lip Lacquer / Matte lips are IN at the moment, getting the velvet lips look is the hottest thing lately, and i for one love it, im not a big fan of gloss as i find it sticky, messy, wares of rather quickly and is a nightmare for your hair, i love lipsticks but having a lip product that stains your lips so you can go all day without worrying about re-applying your lipstick.

I got these from MUA, and if you don't already know i am a big fan of their products, because they are so so cheap yet very good quality. i would be quite happy to pay double for some of the products they sell. these two lips lacquer's i got for £3 each, i decided to get two as i thought i would try them first and if i liked them i would be getting the lot!. There are 5 colours in total,

I have noticed There are alot of makeup companies now bringing their own version of lip / velvet stains. I am collecting all types to do a comparison but that is for another day another Post.. Keep your eyes peeled ;)

Packaging & Colours

When i got these from the post i was pleasantly surprised because for £3 i wasn't expecting fancy packaging but the packaging and the actual tubes of Lacquer are very posh looking, the tube has a sort of frosted glass look, obviously its plastic but still very impressed :)

I got the Two colours Kooky & Atomic, Kooky is a Plum matte purple, and Atomic is a neon coral orange red, (more orange than red )


I got this colour because i dont really have a bright orange / red Lipstick , but to my surprise it was alot more orange than it looked on the website, i thought it was going to be more red based, but oh well i still like it.


 I got this colour well because.. I love a Purple lip, i have so many purple glosses and lipsticks but havnt managed to find a matte lipstick in purple, so as soon as i saw this i had to get it.

Brush / Applicator

The applicator is like any that you would find in a tube of lip gloss / lip stain, a sponge angled tip, this brush is rather good considering i hadn't been let down by anything, its amazing that this only cost £3, nothing seems cheaply made or had corners cut.


It drys matte and stays on all day, the application is easy and precise,

 but one thing to note DO NOT! re-apply with another coat, as soon as you take the applicator out of the tube use every bit on that first application DO NOT put the applicator back in the tube to apply another coat, again i repeat do not apply another coat, Why? i hear you ask, well when i received these i wanted to try them out i tried Atomic first and when you apply a second coat or more than what is on the first swipe, your lips look like they have had orange wax just melted on your lips and then when it drys it goes all bitty and sticky and just YUK!.

 if i had wrote this review a couple of days ago it wouldn't have been a good one, thank god i gave it another chance, so aslong as you use the thinnest coat possible ( dont worry its very opaque so you dont need to add another coat) you will be okay and it really does stay on all day i can honestly say it is an amazing product for £3 and i will be getting the other colours... LOVE LOVE LOVE these.. get yours here..


  1. I'd never heard of these. I'm going to look at them online, now, and find out if I can find them in the US too. :D

    1. MUA is a Superdrug exclusive line but I can order it online.

    2. yes im pretty sure they ship worldwide.. they are super cheap, and well worth the money .. i wouldnt reccomend their lipsticks.. but their lip laquers and eyeliners are great