Thursday, 28 November 2013

Battle of the Brands: Sugarpill vs Lime Crime for Black Friday 2013

For those of you who dont know on the 29th November each year most companies have a Black Friday Sale, Mainly American Based, but never the less it give us the chance to get things online and in stores for an unbelievable price, and each year its a tradition for me to have a splurge on my favourite makeup brands. Last year i spent it with Sugarpill, but this year i dont know what to do as both companies have such amazing deals, lets see the pro's and con's of each site.

Sugarpill Cosmetics


1. Sugarpill has 20 - 50% off were as Lime Crime only have 30% off
2. Sugarpill has the sale going on for longer starting from Thursday 8pm PST (4 am GMT) to Monday Midnight PST

3.Cold Chemistry Palette

If you dont already own this then now you have a chance of getting it at a discounted price (i hope). as its one of Sugarpills new releases along with....

4. ElektroCute

Another one of Sugarpills new releases at again a discounted price


1. Sugarpill still hasnt released their Sparkle Baby palette which i know they've had problems in the lab trying to get it out to us, but if that was the site this black friday i would be sure to be going to sugarpill even if the sparkle baby wasnt discounted

2. Sugarpill charge more for international shipping then Lime Crime does, but saying that if you spend $100 you do get free shipping

Lime Crime


1. Lime Crime has the long awaited NEW Pink Velvet, that hasnt been released yet

2.Lime Crime has cheaper Shipping
3.They have all their other popular items in stock


1. Their Sale is shorter in comparison to Sugarpill's
2. Pink Velvet is excluded in their sale.

So which one will you be going to spend your money, Lime Crime, Sugarpill or both? .. I for one am seriously thinking both :)

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