Sunday, 10 November 2013

Why you Should Own Lime Crime's Red Velvet Velvetines and the NEW Pink Velvet!

Red Velvet

For those of you who dont know i am a freelance makeup artist and i regualy get called out on shoot's most of the time a pattern emerges, most model's / photographers ask for the same thing, the classic pretty look, the pin up look and natural. I personally think Red is the most beautiful lip colour a girl can wear and when it comes to Red, Red Velvet is number 1, i have plenty of red lipstick's, glosses and stains. but i always turn to Lime Crimes Red Velvet.

Everytime i use it on a client and they look in the mirror and automatically fall in love, especially when we have a lunch break and they see it hasnt budged. nearly every model has asked about it and every one bought it, com'on Lime Crime im giving you sales i need a cut ;)

I have already done a review of Lime Crimes Red Velvet, heres the link

Here are some examples of models i have used it on

Pink Velvet

YES!, its coming, coming Black friday (29th November) i for one cant wait and will definatly be getting it, will you?



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