Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Week Long Photoshoot

On the 19th of October to the 26th of October me and my favorite Photographer Paul J Harrison done a week long photoshoot around Halloween and with the help with some great models. all the looks are obviously Halloween themed and were alot of fun to do, I wanted to do some obvious Halloween looks and some original ones too as we dont wanna see the same generic Halloween looks all the time like a witch or sexy cat were alot better than that arnt we? haha.

Batman Villain's

Now i could of easily done the obvious girl villains like poison ivy, Harlequin and cat women but i wanted to spice it up by doing male villains on female models, otherwise it would of been easy and boring and plus iv already done cat women :)

The Joker (Heath ledger) ~ Lauren Nocturnal Thorpe

2Face ~ Alicia A Scott

Alien: New Born ~ Lauren Nocturnal Thorpe

This was the one i was most excited about mainly because i couldn't explain really what i wanted out of this shoot i had the image in my head, but when you say 'Alien' to someone they automatically think big green head, but Lauren seemed to understand what i meant, my idea was to sort of have an experiment of an alien who looked human like as if they were in a test tube. and what we done in the studio was still unclear, it wasn't until i edited the pictures were the final image in my head was clear, i love these images so much i just think they give a real creepy look. 

Vampires: Old Vs. New

These were two styles of vampire's we had done Old being a 1800's Vampire like how Dracula was and then a new style vampire.

Old ~ Cosette Ackland

New ~ Lauren Nocturnal Thorpe

Medusa ~ Paris Harvey-Venables

Cleopatra ~ Alicia A Scott


Snow Queen ~ Samantha Tomlin

This was by my favorite to do makeup wise, i could just get so creative with it, and was alot of fun.

Pin-Up Zombie ~ Georgina Burton

I wanted to do a zombie look but i didn't want to do a real life like zombie as in what you see in the movies, i wanted to do a cartoony sexy Zombie. (this is not edited she really is painted green)

Spider Queen ~ Lauren Nocturnal Thorpe



Paul J Harrison:


Lauren Nocturnal Thorpe:

Alicia A Scott:

Samantha Tomlin:

Georgina Burton

Paris Harvey-Venables

Cosette Ackland

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