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Update Recent Purchases & Make up Video Tutorial

St Patricks Day Look Tutorial, Lime Crime Purchases & Birthdays

Just thought i would update you all as i havnt done a post in a while and could'nt really think of anything so im gonna just update you on the recent looks i have done.

i have a busy month this month and once its over i will have plenty to write about.

Months to do list
9th March: photoshoot / scary goth themed
14th March: my hubby's B-day
17th March: St Patricks day & my nanas B-day
20th March: Photoshoot
22nd March: Party
23rd to 26th March : 4 day Photoshoot/ Half centry 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s & 80s Makeup
31st March: MY B-DAY!

And through all of this i am expecting new makeup from Limecrime.. within the next few weeks :)


 The last few months have been equally as exciting as they were challenging for Lime Crime. Our fans’ enthusiasm has taken our little brand from zero to hero in a matter of months — and honestly? We were completely unprepared.  You see, the Velvetines were never supposed to be this big thing. We did the two shades as an experiment, to see if anyone even cared… And they took the world by storm. Who would have guessed the first run would be gone in two weeks, the second in JUST TWO DAYS?!  We know how much you crave this wonderful product. Your feedback has been overwhelming – and crystal clear. We hear you! So here’s what’s happening:  More Velvetines are in production, but we’ve hit a snag with one particular ingredient, which has delayed the whole thing. This key component is made-to-order in France and is more difficult to obtain than we thought, but we can’t make the Velvetines without it!  ✱✱✱ Please know that the delay is due to an ingredient shortage, not because we’re not trying hard enough! ✱✱✱  Red Velvet and Suedeberry are estimated BACK IN STOCK LATE MARCH/EARLY APRIL. Rest assured we’re doing all we can to get them to you ASAP! We feel fortunate to be making products you love and are thrilled about. With a newly-expanded team, a bigger lab, and more dedication to YOU than ever, we are confident that we can deliver. Thank you for all your love, patience and sticking with us during this challenging, yet exciting time.  Much Love ♥, Lime Crime  P.S. The silver lining in all this? Based on your feedback, we will be expanding the Velvetine line this fall! That gorgeous purple you’ve all been buzzing about? It’s happening! 

Which i will be sure to getting, i was gonna get it a week ago along with the other items i purchased but then lime crime announced this so i thought hey i'll buy what i want now and get velvetines later... as i couldnt wait another month!

Lime Crime Purchases 

Last week i bought Lime Crime's Mint to be Lipstick, Geradium Lipstick & Lime Crime's Eyeshadow Helper/Primer. I did originally want Geradium, VELEVETINES & Cosmopop Lipstick. but cosmopop is still out of stock, velvetines still out of stock and i also wanted Styletto Lipstick but that is only a seasonal Lipstick so i am buying that from a different website.. yes alot of hassle and messing about . its a good thing i love Lime Crime otherwise it wouldnt be worth the trouble, i am curious to try out the primer though as i have heard some really good reviews on it :) 

but as soon as i get these items through the post the first thing im gonna do is review them. so stay tuned.. i might even do a video review :).

Recent Make up Looks

Pink leopard Print eyes with Magentric Lips

For this look i used:
Lime Crime's Uniliner in Lunar Sea
Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Liner
Sugarpill's Dollipop eyeshadow
and light pink in Sleeks V1 Ultra Mattes Palette

I also used a pink lipstick but with Sugarpill's Loose Eyeshadow Magentric ( Sparkly magenta Pink )

I had real fun doing this look.. it has such a good effect but was actually really easy.. just apply Pink Eyeshadow, apply messy white dots and line the white dots with a black liner in a a sorta c shape. the thing about Leopard Spots is that they are messy and imperfect so you can do what you will as it would always look good even if you make a mistake.

Something Different

For this Look i Used
Sleek's Au Natural Palette
Lime Crimes Dragon Scales and Aclchemy Palettes Spellbound
Sugarpill's Goldilux

Obviously by the name and you see my previous looks you will know this is something different for me, as i normally wear bright colours, i bought Sleek's Au Natural Palette a while back ( mainly for my work ) but didnt really use it much, so much so i havnt even done a review. so i thought i would do a natural look, i got a lot of attention for this look, so maybe i should do it more often as more people seemed to like it ..

Ombre Pink & Glitter ~ Short Chiffon Hanky Hem Dress

Makeupbee's Prom Look Competition / Inspired by a Dress

For this look i used:
Lime Crime's Zodiac Glitter in Gemini
Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Liner
Sugarpill's Dollipop eyeshadow
and light pink in Sleeks V1 Ultra Mattes Palette

If you Would Like to Vote for my look then please Follow this Link and 'LUV' the look


 Get inspired for Prom 2013, with Camille La Vie & Make Up For Ever!  We are teaming up with Camille La Vie & Make Up For Ever Canada to bring you our Prom Fashion Face Off contest! Create a complete prom look inspired by any dress from the Camille La Vie 2013 Prom Dresses Collection for a chance to win an amazing $850 dream prom prize package of prom apparel and cosmetics!!  Winners will be selected using two different criteria:  Votes by the MakeupBee community will determine the top 10 looks (limit 1 look per user) When the competition ends, sponsoring brand(s) will choose a grand prize winner from the top 10 looks ALSO For the first time ever, MakeupBee will also be selecting one lucky winner at random, from the non top-ten entries, so everyone has a chance to win!  You may submit multiple looks, however, if a user has multiple looks that are voted to the top 10, only one of the looks will be submitted for winner selection.

the link to the dress i chose


 One Grand Prize winner will receive: $500.00 Camille La Vie Gift Card  $350.00 worth of Make Up For Ever cosmetics:  Aqua Eyes 0L Aqua Shadow 0E Rouge Artist Natural N18 Rouge Artist Natural N2 Aqua Rouge #4 Aqua Rouge #14 Aqua Black Faux Lashes #112 Smoky Lash Mascara Pencil 2S HD Blush #11 Uplight #22 Lab Shine M16 Brush 55N All in a Make Up For Ever makeup bag!

St Patrick's Day Look: 

Green & Gold Eyes with Rainbow Brows & Green Lipstick


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