Sunday, 24 February 2013

Weekly Buy's

             Weekly Purchases and Bargain Buy's

                                         More MUA

If you read my Bargain Beauty Buy Page you will already know im a big fan of MUA's products. so i decided to buy more. i recently bought another blush only to realise it was a cream blush when i got home Grrr, still a good blush nether the less. i also bought a few pencils, now i didnt explain this proply in my last post about MUA but i love white eyeliner and there one being the best iv tried its so creamy and goes on matte white even on my waterline, its one of my main go to make up items. i also bought a BLONDE Eyebrow pencil which i thought was quite handy as iv never really seen them before the pencil even comes with an eyebrow brush on the end. the Last item being MUA's Matte Perfect Loose Powder which i love mainly because of the Price tag, it is a good loose powder the only critique is even though the powder says its Translucent it does seem to have a peachy tone to it when applied, its nice dont get me wrong but i do prefer my skin to be as pale as possible.

                                          Lashes all under £2

 I always feel i can never have enough false lashes because there has been many of occasions were i just didnt have the right pair but in most cases i have loads i haven't even tried yet.... an addiction yes!
all of the lashes in this post i purchased all from Saver's

                                           Paris Hilton Lashes


 I bought these as i thought they were quite different and i liked the extra detailing with the little beads, and not to mention they were only £1.

here i am wearing them but you cant really see the small details..

                                             Bargain Lashes

 These were £1.99 for a set of 2 lashes which i thought was amazing thats less than £1 for a pair. and also they look great on. here is a picture of me wearing them.

                                             Bargain Lashes

 These were also £1. i thought these were really pretty

These also £1 i mainly bought these because they look great at the end of each eye they really give a cat eye look or for a more dramatic look used as bottom lashes.

                                      My Favorite Lashes

I love these Lashes they give a really Dramatic look but still toned down enough to wear everyday, these are the only brand and style of lashes that i buy on a regular basis. i love them i have worn them on countless looks, but heres one. 

These were £1.99 i use these if i am doing a dramatic make up look. here is a picture of me wearing them.
This is a devil look i done.

                 Miss Sporty Perfect Colour Lipstick's

I both love and Loath these Lipsticks. The bad points being i dont really like the design of the case i know its a discount brand but still they could of put more effort into making them a little nicer and not so plain another reason i get annoyed, not really at the lipstick itself but every time i have bought these at a Superdrug Store the inner casing is smothered in the lipstick and really messy as you can see by the picture ( even though i cleaned them up a bit) its as if someone has tried these lipsticks in store because they dont actually have a seal to stop people from doing it and there are no testers to try. 

The Good points. these are actually really good lipstick's my favorite being 021 Spiced Rum, Its a really nice nude lipstick and i wear it most days when feeling a bit lazy with my make up ( the picture above of me wearing Brit rock lashes i am also wearing this lipstick). i havnt actually tried the new age (violet ) lipstick yet but they both also smell of watermelon which is really nice :)

Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Liner & Collection 2000 Gel Liner

Swatches from left to right: Rimmel Glam eyes then Collection 2000 Gel liner.

I bought Rimmel Glam Eyes Liner as i needed an ultra thin liquid liner for small detailing and it really is a lovely liquid liner, it dry's really quickly and no matter how long it still seems to stay matte black without cracking or smudging a really great buy. £5-£6 . 

Now i use Gel liner to do my eyebrows well i used to use Sleek's Primer Palette which had a black in it but sadly i ran out and had to think of a good substitution, so i bought this and yes it was a good substitution it dry's really quickly to stop smudge prevention, which i really liked, now i cant remember the price but superdrug's website says it is £4.99 but i dont seem to remember it being that much.

                                    Sleek Molten Metal

Now this was a bit pricy £6.99. but i love none the less, its so beautiful and has so many use's to it. it is actually like someone has melted down real gold, the texture and consistency is amazing i have never used anything like it before. the one on the left is called 'Pewter' which is more of a silver gold and the one on the right is called 'Gold leaf' , which really is like liquid gold.

i have used this on lips, eyes and it works really well as a liner.

here are some pictures to demonstrate..

This is my Zelda inspired look i used Molten metal in the center of my Lids and over Lime Crime's Serpentina Lipstick

over Lime Crime's Poisenberry Lipstick

and here on model Kirstens Lids.


  1. I LOVE your 'devil' look. It's very pretty and reminds me a little of Japanese or kabuki theater make up. Also, the Sleek golds are very pretty...I may add this to my lemming list as well.

    1. wow thank you very much <3 .. and yes i would recommend sleeks gold, if you like metallics.. i also think its on sale on their webpage at the moment xxx