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Perfect Skin Routine

                      How to Get Perfect Flawless Skin

                                              3 Simple Steps

                                           Prime & Moisturize  

                                          Contour & Highlight

                                              Powder & Set

First of i would like to start off by saying i dont have perfect skin i have the odd red patch, freckles and blemishes. when i do my make up pictures i dont use Photoshop the only time i use Photoshop is to maybe get rid of the odd hair out of place and i rarely do that half the time.

 what im trying to say is you dont need Photoshop or £50 skin care routine just some know how.

i would like to point out this tutorial is for flawless skin and requires alot, i would not recommend this for the summer, an everyday thing or for work, its just for those days were you're skin dosnt look that great or maybe for a night out, so when and if any photos are taken you will look your utmost glamorous x

                       Step 1: Moisturize & Prime

Applying Primer & Moisturizer

For some People its just moisturize  but nowadays everyone seems to rage on about primer to make your make up stay in place. i have used primers in the past and to be honest i dont really notice much difference, but i stumbled upon this the other week and noticed it was a moisturizer and primer in one, so i thought why not.and at £3.99 you cant go wrong.
(by the way i paid £3.99 for this in SAVERS Beware its £5 everywhere else)
when applied it does have the same quality as a primer and feels really nice too, whether it makes your make up stay in place or not, it defiantly make my skin feel good, before and after removing my make up.

                                 Brushes & Sponges

Now you dont necessarily have to use brushes some people prefer sponges or even their fingers, there's nothing wrong with that as there are some things best left to the finger tips. 
as you can see i have a foundation brush on the far left, a powder brush in the middle and a contour brush. now the next instructions when i say pick * up and use that just use your initiative .


i have two Foundation Max Factor 3 in 1 , which i use as my main foundation 'Light Ivory' and Max Factor Experience Weightless foundation in a couple of shades darker than my natural skin tone 'Beige Linen'.
(the darker one may be same brand but different type this is because i feel this one is less dry and easier to blend)
 i use the darker one to contour some people may prefer to use a bronzer but i dont particuley like bronzer and i feel this method works so much better.

                            Step 2: Contour & Highlight

(Note: i know this is not me but i tried to take a picture and it didnt come out as well as i would of liked it so heres a picture of the exact same routine as mine)

After applying your Foundation which matches you're skin tone add with the darker foundation use this as you're contour( the darker bits) for the smaller parts of contouring use you're contour brush.

 ( if you use bronzer powder than ignore the contour bit for now, this is for liquid base make up only)

  for the Highlight (white bits) use your favorite Concealer, i normally use my fingers for concealer. it may not be white like the picture but oh well. my favorite concealer is NYX Concealer in a jar.

After applying your foundation and you're contour and Highlight Blend together with your Foundation Brush, try not to use the brush or sponge for the highlight because you have the chance to sweep it all away i feel a patting type motion with your fingers is the best way to blend concealer.

                                  Step 3: Powder and Set

After it is all blended together add a translucent Powder or a Compact, i use MUA Matte perfect Loose Powder as it was cheap and it does the job fine. £2.30 Superdrug.

Then Apply Blush

if you use Powder Bronzer now is the time to use it after applying and setting you're make up with a translucent powder add your bronzer like the picture above where the darker areas are. and Remember less is more!

if you have any questions or queries about this tutorial then please feel free to comment me xxxxx

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