Sunday, 10 February 2013

Can You Guess My Favorite Make Up Brands?

                              Lime Crime & Sugarpill

This is a series of looks i have done recently with Lime Crime Makeup and Sugarpill Cosmetics and a little review on some recent Purchases. Enjoy :) xx

                                       Burning Black

 For this look i Used:
Sugarpill's Flampoint
and some crappy Black eyeshadow
i made the Black lips myself using black eyeliner and clear gloss. i never saw myself wearing Black lipstick but i actually quite like it next on my list Lime Crime's Styleto Lipstick

                                          Acid Barbie

 For this look i used: Lime Crime's Aquataenia Palette Seahorse Discourse.
i loved doing this barbie look as its very different to what i normally do and its was quite weird seeing myself like this.
Lips: Constance & Carroll My Favorite Brand of Lipstick apart from lime crime please check out my bargain Beauty page as these lipstick's are unbelievably cheap and are amazing.


I got the inspiration for this look from the beautiful colors some beetle's are i love that sheen they have and as i hadn't used my Sugarpill Loose Powder Juenug yet i thought what better way to use it.

For this look i used: Sugarpill Junebug, Lime crime's Aquataenia Palette Seahorse Discourse, Lime crime's Alchemy Palette Lucky Charm and MUA's purple Eyeshadow.
for the eyebrows i used Sugarpills Midori and for the lips i used Lime Crime's Serpentina Lipstick with MUA'S Purple eyeshadow

                                         Chun Li Inspired

For this look i used Lime crime's Aquataenia Palette Atlanteal, Sugarpill's Goldilux and Sleek Molten Metal for gold liner and Sleek au natural Palette
I have always loved Street fighter and Chun Li has always been my Favourite. i thought well blue as the main colour brown for the corner, white and a little gold as chun li has gold detailing on her outfit. being dramatic like chun li i thought to make the look just as daring.

                                        Gothic Purple

For this look i used Sugarpill's Hysteric Loose eyeshadow and Lime Crimes Poisenberry Lipstick

                                        Sweet Sugarpill

For this look i used Sugarpill's Magentric Loose eyeshadow, Dollipop, Poison Plum and Hysteric Loose eyeshadow. All Sugarpill :)

Again the Lipstick is Constance & Carroll


Happy Chinese New Year ~ Year of the Snake

For this look i used: Sugarpill's Love+, Tako, Goldilux Loose eyeshadow and Midori for the waterline and Brows. Lime Crime's Serpentina Lipstick.

for this look i used colours that reminded me of chinese decoration's, calenders and Festivals and thought of Black, Red and Gold. the Green is because its year of the Snake and thought what better lipstick than Lime Crime's Serpentina.

        Lime Crime's Zodiac Glitter and Uniliner Lunar Sea

                                               Review and Swatches

I bought these as i have wanted Lunar Sea for ages but everytime i seem to have the money its not in stock, but i finally have it :)
The Zodiac Glitter is Gemini, i bought this as its a Translucent Colour with Rainbow Sparkles, so therefore i can use it with any colour just to add that extra sparkleness, Lips, Nails and eyeshadow.

Here Are some Looks i done.

 This is with Lunar Sea. i really wanted to do a sorta Monochrome Look. I absolutly love this product it is soo matte White and does not need extra Layering to do so. the applicator Brush is also very fluid, precise and so easy to also dry's really quickly. $13.99 from

                                          Glitter Lips

Now this really annoyed me Beacause my Camera dosnt seem to show glitter which is a crime in its self, but in real life this looked amazing everywere i turned the light catched my lips and it was soo pretty and amazing i just wish i showed in the picture a bit more. this glitter was so beautiful i will be sure to use again and again.
$12.99 from

With Flash

Without Flash

here is another picture ( bit blury but more glittery)


  1. I found your blog by doing a search for black lipstick. I really like your make up looks :)