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Lime Crime Alchemy Collection Review & Swatches

                     Lime Crime Alchemy Collection Review

Lime Crime's limited edition alchemy collection with limited edition Mook ( Book / Magazine )

When i saw the sneak peak i knew i had to have it. i love colourful eyeshadow palletes but i also love the dark and creepy vibe it gives off. perfect time for release, Halloween!

                                      The Alchemy Pallete

First of i would like to say these are my favorite selection of colours Lime Crime has done. the colours are soo pigminted and pretty and is also lime crimes first pallete with Duochrome Colours, meaning the change colour in certain light and even though photos and swatched does not do it justice believe me when i say they really DO change colours, some with a gold sheen sort of Iridescence feel.


Swatches from Left to Right:
Incantation,    Lucky Charm,    Love Potion #9,    Spellbound,     Divination

I really do love this pallete. my Favourite Colour being Incantation Lucky Charm.
Incantation is so pretty it reminds me of a copper penny it is soo shiny and bright. this colour is so easy to apply and not too powdery and soft just the right consistency  the same goes for Lucky Charm, so pigmented  and bright, the name is just so right too really does remind me of a four leaf clover with added magic.

Spellbound is another beautiful eyeshadow purely just because its alot softer than the others and just glides when applied, being too powdery would be a disadvantage if it was a bright or dark colour as the fallout would be quite messy but with this you dont quite notice, it being so soft makes it so much better for application. it is a creamy white but with a gold Iridescence Shimmer.. very pretty.
Divination is also a very pretty colour a dark blue with a shimmer, i can see myself using this colour alot.

the only criticism i would say is that Love Potion #9 is such a beautiful colour and is probly the most prominent in showing the duochrome factor.. But it is not as pigmented as the others it took me a couple of swatches to get the colour to show as well as the others even spellbound was more visable from one swipe. saying this though it is my favourite colour of the bunch but this issue brings it down a bit. but im sure taking a extra few swipes of colour is not that much of an issue to bring the product down. i love it all the same.

All in all another beautiful and imaginative product from Lime Crime.


                                            Poisenberry & Serpentina

To be Quite honest i didnt see myself wearing these colours, and i wasnt fond of actually buying them as they are quite Gothic and Dark colours very statement shades of lipstick but i bought them as the Alchemy Set ( Alchemy eyeshadow pallete, Lipsticks & Mook). as it was at a discounted price so i thought why not.

Buying these purely based on 'why not', i was pleasently surprised. the colours are not as bad as i thought they would be ( as in OMG factor ) i could actually see myself wearing these another weird thing being my hair is the exact same shade of green as Serpentina.

Poisenberry is actually such a beautiful colour Gothic? Yes.. but i wore it out the other day just doing my weekly shop and i didnt feel i was wearing a Garish Lipstick i felt i like i was wearing an everyday lipstick. i had done a natural look on my eyes, so that the main focus was the lips.

Another wonderful Surprise was that i had worn this lipstick all day, for lunch, going out, Smoking and drinking. Did not Smudge one bit the colour had not budged, and at the end of the day the colour was still as bright and beautiful. LOVE, LOVE LOVE these Lipsticks, im so glad i bought them.

                                   My Alchemy Look 

For this Look i used all the colours in the eyeshadow Pallete (apart from Love Potion#9) & Serpentina Lipstick.

                                   Poisenberry Lipstick

All Lime Crime Products are NOT tested on animals and are all VEGAN friendly xxxx

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