Thursday, 18 October 2012

Lime Crime Aquataenia Review

                         Lime Crime Aquataenia Review

I was really excited when this came out, as i have always loved mermaids and the colours in this palette are so beautiful and it really does remind me of a a magical under water paradise. it is also the first palette that lime crime has produced which is all shimmer colours to represent the wet look a true mermaid would have. when i got this through the post it had really nice packaging and was very well made. very happy :)

Here are some Swatches i have done..

From Left to Right:
Nautilus Prime, Coral of the Story, Seahorse Discourse, Peal Pie, Atlanteal

Every colour is soo Pigmented and just Glides across the skin with no effort at all.
the colours are also very creamy to the touch yet so vibrant in colour, i always hate it when eyeshadow is soo soft and creamy where you dont get much colour pay off, but with this palette its the complete opposite.
i love every colour in this palette Seahorse Discourse being my favourite, its such a pretty and unique colour i have never had a colour like it.
if i had to criticise one thing about this palette is that Coral of the Story is not as pigmented as the others, but still very pretty and alot better than other orange eyeshadows.

The price of this palette is $34.99 in British pound sterling that would be around £22. but because i live in the UK I also have to pay another $10 postage and packaging which is a bit of a bummer but worth every penny. i do love a bargin this maybe a bit too expensive in some ways but you truly get what you pay for and the quality is undeniable i am a happy lime crime customer, and will be making sure to get more of their products.

All lime crime products are not tested on animals and are all Vegan Friendly

Please look on my Make up page to see some of the looks i have done with this product. xxxx

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