Sunday, 16 September 2012

V1 Brights Ultra Mattes i-Divine

Swatches from top to bottom, left to right:

i love the colours of this palette which is what drew me to it but i have to say not a huge fan i was disappointed compared to sleeks last colourful palette Acid which i am a big fan of there are some really pigmented colours that come out very well then there are some that hardly even seem to appear.

from left to right: Chill, Pout, Sugarlite, Dragonfly, Pucker, Bamm,
these are all very pigmented and creamy colours in texture and colour. my favourite being Pucker and Chill. pucker being the more brighter one which is so rich. chill just because its soo pretty.

from left to right: Cricket, Bolt, Strike, Floss, Crete, Pow
the first three colours are very bright and pigmented where as the last three Floss, Crete and Pow and very soft and creamy maybe a bit too soft as you can see they hardly show in the picture and i layered it numerous times these were the worst colours in the whole palette.

All in all the palette is worth £6.99 for the generally good colours i would still buy but not one of sleeks best palettes.

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