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Sleek make-up reviews

Sleek Primer Palette

Sleek Primer Palette

Swatches from top to bottom, left to right:

now iv heard alot of stick about this palette saying its very poor and probably the worst sleek has done. this comes from the fact sleek has designed a primer palette for the colours in their other palettes
to mix and match and to obviously do what a primers supposed to do. make the original colour more vibrant, long wear and stay and NO creasing. now i can honestly say i love this palette not for what it promises but for the many things you can do with this palette rather than use it for a primer and moan about it. and yes i agree it is not a very good product based on primer only but i do love this product.

 from top to bottom, left to right: Moonshine, Calypso, Ultra violet, Dare Devil, Pink Frost,
Sliver Lining
Noir, Peach, Money Tree, Truffle, Money Honey, Hot Wired.

What drew me to this palette was the vibrant blue, purple and the browns and coppers. i have never had a selection of eye shadows of these selection of colour i wasn't even thinking about using them as primers. I was thinking about using them as gel liners, highlighters, wet eye shadows and using them on my brows. In which they all have that quality to be good at all those thing. i especially love using them on my brows with a layer of shadow on top really defines your brows and makes it lasts alot longer than just shadow.

i do sometimes use them as a primer not much though as i already have a eye shadow primer which i feel works fine but i will show you the outcome of some of the colours with some of sleeks other palette colours together used as a primer.

This is Calypso & Sleeks V1 Bright Bolt (from left to right)
i think these colours are very well matched, here is the outcome...

I think this makes the colour really stand out and with enough blending together would make a very long lasting eyeshadow.

This is Moonshine & Sleek Bad Girls Innocence (from left to right)
both colours are a white shimmery colour very good as a highlighter under brows, here is the outcome...

i think this is soo pretty i would definitely use these two together.

 Brows & Highlight

I love using this palette on my brows it really defines them when using eyeshadow over aswell here are some examples.

from left to right: Calypso & Sleeks V1 Brights  Bolt ..Calypso & Sleek Bad Girls Obnoxious
 Noir & Sleek Bad Girls  Rebel... Ultra Violet & Sleek Bad Girls Twilight

All in all i think Sleeks primer palette is an excelltent buy not just as a primer because it has so many uses. for the colours you get and the amount of uses its a steal at £6.99. I agree on some level on the complaints of this product. yes it does make your eye shadow crease despite what the packaging says and it does come out all smudgey and bitty when applying it with eyeshadow. another issue is the brush they supply with the palette, they shouldnt have even botherd with that it has no use whatsoever its frail and sheds, and it does not apply the primer very well. best using your fingers or a smudge brush.

I would buy this despite its flaws because its a great buy and has many uses. if you use your imagination then you really cant say its not worth buying purely based on that it is not a very good primer. its £6.99 for 12 colours.. can you complain.. no.... its got my thumbs up and im glad i bought it.

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