Thursday, 15 November 2012

Sugarpill @#$%! Limited Edition Eye Shadow Review and Swatches

                                  Sugarpill Cosmetics 

                                          @#$%! Limited Edition

I finally got it in the end. i went through a right mess to get it. but well worth the wait!

@#$%! Limited edition Eyeshadow was originally sold at IMATS as an exclusive buy not to purchased anywere else which sent Sugarpill fans stir crazy the fact that it was so limited. 

Sugarpill sold the eyeshadow on the website for a special halloween treat only for 3 days. another thing that was very annoying, but lucky for me i got it yay, as much as it was annoying that sugarpill wouldnt budge it does make this particular item feel very special which i love, even better the fact that i also own it Mwhahaha.

i finally got it and to my surprise i had recieved a free Sugarpill sticker and a free sample of loose eyeshadow 'Stella', which i thought was very nice as i only purchased one item. Thank you Sugarpill!
i will be sure to to a swatch on 'Stella' soon


Here is a swatch i done. the coluor is red with a sort of hot pink sorta feel, with lots and lots of Sparkles! and who dosnt like sparkels, The colour is soo pigminted i have never used an eyeshadow that is so strong in colour and stays on like a treat. i think that is one thing sugarpill do well, you can never say they are not good qulity. the actual eyeshadow its self is quite big for just one colour, i dont think i would ever run out.

the price for this product was $12 the same price for sugarpills other pressed eyeshadows. i would really recomend you got out and buy this but as it was limited edition you cant, it would be nice if maybe sugarpill done another 3 day sale on this item so other people who missed it last time can purchase it but it can still remain special. alll in all , LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

Here is a look i done with this eyeshadow

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